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10 Best Anime Stuffed Animal Characters

Anime characters come in all shapes and sizes to fit any fan’s preference, including stuffed animals. In the real world, stuffed animals are cute, cuddly inanimate objects that rest on a bed or couch. In anime, however, anything is possible. These stuffed animals can even talk, fight and make very questionable life choices.

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While some of these characters are indeed adorable, their personalities may not match their looks, making fans grateful that their favorite plushie will never come to life.

ten Anyone can become Adelie’s stuffed penguin for a short time (Space Dandy)

Adelie from space dandy is a Gentooan from the planet Humboldt. They possess the ability to temporarily transfer the minds of others into dolls. Adelie’s favorite stuffed animal is an orange patchwork penguin, and she uses it during stressful situations. Fans of the series will be able to experience the humorous main protagonist, Dandy, stumbling and battling his opponents while trapped in a stuffed animal body.

9 Ioryogi is a small dog with a big bite (Kobato)

Ioryogi wasn’t always a stuffed animal, he was once a servant of the king in the Otherworld, a realm that coexists with the Netherworld and the Celestial World. That was until Ioryogi fell in love with an angel from the celestial world and broke their non-aggression treaty. As punishment, God turned him into a stuffed dog and forced him to help the main character, Kobato.

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As a companion, he must help him fulfill his contract by filling a mysterious bottle with people’s “healed hearts” before the end of the four seasons or Ioryogi will never return to his original form again.

8 Kurumi’s teddy bear packs a real punch (Musaigen No Phantom World)

Ever since Kurumi was a baby, her faithful companion has always been her teddy bear, Albrecht, providing her with comfort like any stuffed animal would for a small child. Albrecht is an average teddy bear that Kurumi takes with her everywhere, but when she needs him most, Kurumi uses her special ability to bring Albrecht to life. When Albrecht is alive, he demonstrates extreme combat skills and even hacking abilities – almost any skill Kurumi needs, no matter the cost.

seven Ririn’s bird stuffed animal shape is cute yet feisty (bleach)

Soul Society’s Mod-Souls were designed to aid the Shinigami in eliminating the large number of Hollows that had begun to take over. As they were used to resuscitate human corpses, they were later exterminated for ethical reasons. However, some Mod-Souls have managed to avoid this spell. Ririn and his group were kept hunting Bounts, or beings that live forever by eating souls, thanks to Kisuke Urahara. Unfortunately, since Mod-Souls can’t just walk around all the time, Ririn’s only option was to own a stuffed bird.

6 Maromi is gaining popularity (paranoia agent)

Maromi was originally a character named and created after Tsukiko’s deceased dog. After Tsukiko is brutally attacked by the Lil Slugger, she begins to experience some kind of hallucination that causes her to hear and interact with the Maromi plushie she created. Although the series has different main characters in each episode, the most recurring character aside from Lil Slugger is the cute character of Maromi who eventually grows in popularity as the season progresses.

5 Chad’s Mod-Soul Buddy is the perfect defensive companion (Bleach)

Not as fiery as his leader, Ririn, Noba shares the shy and quiet personality of his companion, Chad. Like most Mod-Souls who escaped extermination, Noba is also forced to possess the body of a stuffed animal to avoid detection by Soul Society.

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This does not limit his ability to teleport and his ability to create wormholes to protect his friends from their opponent’s blows. When fighting against Bounts Noba and his team join forces with Ichigo and his friends, another group that once were criminals in the eyes of Soul Society.

4 Monokuma is the opposite of a cute and cuddly teddy bear (Danganronpa)

Part plush and part robot, Monokuma can first be described as cute and cheerful, but in reality, Monokuma is a sadistic character who truly loves all things evil. Monokuma can be seen giving wise and helpful advice to students at Hope’s Peak Academy, where he is the self-appointed headmaster. Yet his real goal is to torment all of the students, making them play a twisted game of death if they ever hope to get out of their school alive.

3 Being a coward makes Kurodo’s shape-shifting abilities a necessity (Bleach)

Another of the Bount-hunting Mod-Souls is the comic relief character, Kurodo. Although a bit of a coward, Kurodo was specially designed with a rather unique shape-shifting ability. Not only does this skill help Kurodo by allowing him to look like whoever he wants, but it also gives him access to his abilities. The only downside is that anyone who can sense the spirit energy will not be fooled by its tricks.

2 Plush demons are the lowest rated cutest demons (Sleeping Princess in Demon Castle)

The Teddy Demons of Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle make up for their lack of offensive power with their lovable looks and personalities. While being the lowest ranked demons in the series, they are often simply kept as pets and companions for some of the other characters.

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When faced with someone in battle, they normally have two options: run away or call in more Teddy Demons. As cute and cuddly as these creatures are, in large numbers they should not be taken lightly.

1 Kon is so much more than just a perverted stuffed animal (bleach)

Not always trapped in a stuffed animal body, Kon sometimes takes over Ichigo’s body as he fights. Kon generally has a reputation for being almost unreliable and rather evil. Luckily, he has some redeeming qualities, proving very useful to Ichigo and his friends, whether it’s helping fight off opponents or even helping Ichigo protect his little sisters.

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