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9 Animal Shelters and Charities You Can Support in Houston

that you are looking to adopt a mini-pig, adopt a kitten, or donate money to the Houston-based nonprofits Birds and Possums – which double as superheroes for rescues, future pets, wildlife, real dog heroes, and more – is a good place to start.

Houston Animals Alive!

The nonprofit saved 3,572 cats and dogs from euthanasia in 2020 and found 3,815 permanent homes for cats and dogs, thanks to contributions from its many supporters. But donations – cat litter, food, toys – are always needed, at 2800 Antoine Dr, Suite 2854.

Friends for life

The non-profit organization that has blessed the world with Quilty— the cat who went viral for his ability to open doors (and was adopted) — rescued 1,749 dogs and cats from euthanasia between January and July 2020. The reasons for giving are countless: the shelter of adoption operates a drive-thru clinic and pet food pantry for Houstonians in need and helps other communities evacuate pets during disasters.

Movement of rescued pets

Support this organization, which has rescued approximately 60,000 pets from euthanasia at BARC (as of November 2020) by relocating them to shelters and foster homes without killing, dining at Cibo e Vino in Giacomo, where each dolce di stagione (seasonal dessert) bought non-profit benefits.

Houston SPCA Texas Wildlife Center

The facility, which cares for over 10,000 wild animals (and over 260 species) a year, has seen a 20% increase in the number of injured, orphaned and sick animals, thanks to the fact that all everyone is home and on the lookout for backyard critters during the pandemic. – that’s 12,500 animals helped in 2020. So, yes, they could use a little more love.

Spring Branch Animal and Bird Sanctuary

Specializing in caring for abandoned, injured or abandoned birds and parrots, this non-profit organization also takes in abandoned puppies and kittens, all with the goal of finding new homes for these animals. The funds go directly to medical expenses.

K9 Rescue Mission

This nonprofit rescues retired military and contract working dogs (i.e. heroes), reuniting them with ex-handlers when possible, and rehabilitates puppies suffering from PTSD.

Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Farm Sanctuary

Founder Meagan Se’s nonprofit aims to educate the public about mini-pigs (hint: they start out tiny but can reach 300 pounds and live up to 20 years), work to make prescriptions for the pig-friendly city and rescue – find the adoptable pigs on the site. The funds will be used to build a larger rescue shelter.

El Gato Charities

You probably know El Gato Coffee House, the first cat cafe in our city (in the heights) that only houses adoptable felines. But after Covid-19 cut business in half in July 2020, founder Renee Reed set up El Gato Charities to keep the cafe going – donations provide El Gato cats with food, shelter and care (and, yes, you can still visit).

bunny buddies

Founded in 1996 by volunteers from local animal shelters, Bunny Buddies’ mission is to save and improve the lives of local bun-buns. Adoptions are currently on hold due to the pandemic, but fundraising is focused on opening Houston’s first-ever rabbit-only shelter.