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A fur family reunited thanks to Domestic Animal Services

Animal Services rangers and rescued kelpies.

When kelpies Spud and Humphrey escaped from their backyard and washed up in a stormwater catchment pond, it was Domestic Animal Services (DAS) to the rescue.

Family and friends of the dogs set out to find them, spending hours walking and driving calling out their names in the hope of finding them.

With the increase in rainfall, the research team became even more worried.

It was two days later that they received a welcome call from DAS.

“There were no sightings for 48 hours. Then, late afternoon, we received a call from Pet Services saying that Spud and Humphrey had been found in a pool of water. storms miles away!” Spud and Humphrey’s family shared.

DAS rangers were able to identify the kelpies and contact the owners because the dogs were microchipped.

“We express our sincere gratitude to Pet Services for being able to reunite our boys with us. We really appreciate the rangers for bringing our boys back to us – they are our little miracles,” the family said.

It is good to know if our furfriends disappear, the DAS rangers are there to lend a hand.

Make sure your pets are microchipped, registered and your contact details are up to date – this will maximize the chances of a quick return if they go missing. For more information, visit the municipal services website.