Animal funds

A Huntington councilman presents a check for $75,000 for building renovations for an animal shelter

HUNTINGTON, WV (LOOTPRESS) — At-Large Huntington Councilman Bob Bailey presented a check for $75,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds Tuesday, Oct. 4, to Western West Virginia Animal Rescue Alliance, the non-profit organization that supports the Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Control Shelter.

Funding will be used to renovate the building on the former Cook School property at 1899 James River Road, located near the animal sanctuary. The Western West Virginia Animal Rescue Alliance purchased the property from the Huntington Municipal Development Authority last spring.

When the renovations are complete, the building will be used to care for the animals in the shelter.

“I am deeply grateful and grateful for the support of Councilman Bailey and Mayor Steve Williams,” said Courtney Proctor Cross, Executive Director of Animal Control Shelter. “Our shared love for animals and our collective vision that the shelter could be run differently has allowed us to transform the way we care for unprotected animals in our community. Our hardworking staff, the continued support of our animal-loving community, and our dedicated animal rescue groups have made this vision possible.

The City of Huntington received $40,628,967 in ARPA funds in 2021. The funding is intended to help communities across the country recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each of the 11 Huntington City Council representatives was designated with $100,000 in ARPA funds to distribute to community projects that qualify under the guidelines of the American Rescue Plan Act.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has strained animal control shelter operations in many ways,” Bailey said. “Under the leadership of Courtney Proctor Cross, the facility has been able to overcome these challenges and move forward with its mission to provide the best possible care and loving homes for unprotected animals in our community.”