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Adopt digital avatars of rescued dogs: UAE animal shelter launches NFTs – News

Most of the funds will be used for animal rescue

Photos: @straydogscenter – Facebook, provided

Published: Mon 7 March 2022, 11:23

Stray Dogs Center UAE will launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the coming week, becoming the first non-profit organization in the Middle East region to introduce this latest digital asset.

NFT is a new model for digital buying and selling of art, music and sports products. The latest entrant is NFTs in the service of humanity and animal welfare. Under this new pet NFT model, pets are digitally adopted and the NFT holder bears the cost of the pet with regular payments.

Most of the funds will be used for animal rescue and the rest will be set aside for airdrops or gifts, for NFT holders.

“We are the first in the Middle East to directly own and publish NFTs. Stray Dogs Center is the fourth largest animal rescue in the world to release its own NFT directly at 12 p.m. on March 12. The Mint link will be posted on Twitter. All communications for NFT take place on Twitter as our other platforms like Instagram or Facebook are for daily updates and/or emergency announcements only, said Shraddha Chaurasia, Marketing Manager at Stray Dogs Center, UAE.

Globally, American pet society Pawtocol and Costa Rican animal rescues became the first companies in March 2021 to launch pet profiles as NFTs to sell on the NFT marketplace to raise awareness and fund virtual adoption. So far, NFTs have been most popular in the art and music segment, but other sectors such as sports are also seeing exponential growth. The global sports NFT market is estimated to record transactions of over $2 billion in 2022, according to research by Deloitte.

In the first phase of the three-part series, Chaurasia said that 150 rescued doggo UAE NFTs will be launched on the Solana blockchain.

“This is the inaugural launch, therefore, we are releasing a limited edition of only 150 NFTs and each month, one NFT holder will be randomly chosen to win a free airdrop (a gift in the form of NFTs),” a- she said, adding that NFTs will be launched on Solana because “it will be too expensive for our supporters if we were to launch on Ethereum. By launching it on Solana, we are making it easier for everyone to own and use our NFTs. Buyers will need to have a Solana Wallet to purchase our NFTs.

Chaurasia pointed out that the majority of the proceeds from the mint will go to rescue dogs while the rest will be used for 150 supporters in the form of airdrops over a period of time.

“We are going to have two more launches. I’m just waiting for the first one to come out to announce the other two. All I can say is that anyone who wants to have an advantage in our third and final launch should collect at least one in each of our first two launches. We are trying to ensure that the community of 150 people for the inaugural launch who support us are also supported in return,” she added.

The Stray Dogs Center marketing manager revealed that the majority of dog-based NFTs are based on purebred dogs. “We lead a little differently and base ours on the mixed-breed dog which is what our rescues are all about.”

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