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AG Office Announces Animal Abuse Lawsuits in Partnership with Humane Society

Courtesy of Detroit Dog Rescue


The Michigan Attorney General’s office is teaming up with an animal rights group to prosecute possible animal abusers.

Teamwork with Michigan Humane has already resulted in animal fighting charges against a Wayne County man, according to the two organizations.

Michigan Humane President Matt Pepper said complex cases like the alleged dogfighting ring require resources from his group and the attorney general.

“It’s often weeks or even months of investigation and time. He, on the other hand, is designating some of his prosecutors and investigators to help us sift through this evidence to determine when and which charges are most appropriate. It’s a lot of time and a lot of expertise that goes into these cases,” he said.

Pepper said they typically handle about 4,500 animal cruelty calls each year.

He said large-scale investigations often start with complaints filed with his organization and pursuing them is resource-intensive.

“A lot of things don’t happen above ground, a lot of it is hard-to-pinpoint underground activity. A lot of dogfighting, for example, if we were to focus on dogfighting, happens at very short notice and in isolated areas and also disperses very quickly,” he said.

Pepper said he expects more charges to be filed in connection with the partnership.