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Animal Charity returns for second day of cat rescue | News, Sports, Jobs

YOUNGSTOWN – Animal Charity returned for a second day on Friday to rescue more than an estimated 70 cats believed to be in a deplorable house filled with debris on Early Road in the east side.

The organization had rescued 16 cats on Thursday.

Animal Charity of Ohio, which is Mahoning County’s humanitarian agency, said on social media that the house is filled with debris “from floor to ceiling in several areas of the house, making it impossible to catch cats. “.

The aid agency released a photo of the house showing the large amount of debris.

Officials said three people lived in the house, but they were evicted.

The city of Youngstown was having a wheeled container delivered to the house on Friday to help with debris removal so more cats could be rescued.

Animal Charity has posted a “wish list” on of items that will be needed during the rest of the rescue and to care for the animals after they are recovered. He asks for donations of money and items such as litter boxes, pet blankets, white sports tape, cages, cat inhalation oxygen, puppy and kitten incubator newborns and disposable protective suits.

“They are so scared, not knowing that we are trying to get them to safety. They hide in walls, rafters, mattresses,” said one of the cat rescuers.

Jane Macmurchy, Animal Charity coordinator, said the house had holes in the ceiling and walls and the house was covered in feces and urine, forcing crews to wear face masks because ammonia levels were dangerously high. She said it was one of the worst homes Animal Charity had seen in years.

Video of the disturbing scene inside the house has been posted on social media by Animal Charity to show the level of dedication of our staff and volunteers to Animal Charity.

“Fortunately, the residents of the house are now getting the help they need,” he says.

The rescue will take several days to get all the cats out safely, officials said.

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