Animal funds

Animal Control adopts a new donation system

Donations made to the Warren County Animal Adoption and Control Center will no longer go to the general fund at the end of the year if unused, and now specified donation requests will go to a specific fund until they can be used for the stated purpose. by the donor.

The Warren County Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to block donations made to Animal Control from going to the county’s general fund if they didn’t use the money by the end of the budget year. .

This vote will also allow Animal Control to recover some of the previous donations lost to the general fund.

These funds range from the 2019-2020 budget to the 2021-2022 budget and total $33,634.20.

“What we learned when discussing a possible resolution to address this issue is that all we need to do is approve this money in their budget so they can use it for projects. what they have to do there at animal control and adoption. Center,” Commissioner Blaine Wilcher said.

Wilcher says the reason this happened is that over the past few years, Animal Control has lost some of its much-needed donations at the end of the budget year. He says he knows donors wouldn’t be happy to learn that their donations didn’t go where they wanted.

“I’m holding a check here from Texas. My son-in-law’s grandparents send money to the Animal Adoption and Control Center. What would they think if that money somehow went back into the general fund? We don’t want that to happen and that’s why we wanted to do it now,” Wilcher said.

“Will this money that has been donated be set aside in a fund other than just the general animal control fund?” Commissioner Tommy Savage asked.

“Accepting donations in this manner will limit funds, so they will still need to be budgeted,” said finance department director Justin Cotten. “Tonight’s vote would be to retain all previous donations in a restricted general fund account to then be allocated in the name of Animal Control. Even if we pass this tonight and the $33,000 in question will not be limited then. It’s still not expendable until Budget and Finance, Health and Welfare, and then this committee votes on it again for the specific projects involved,”

Asked Commissioner Carlene Brown: ‘If someone wants to donate for a new building for the animal shelter and they say that’s what they wanted it for, are you going to put that money on this account and keep it until we have land and a construction project?

“Yes. If specific stipulations are listed in the donation at the time of donation, we must honor those specific requests as stipulated by the donor,” Cotten replied.