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Animal Crossing New Horizon players are using terraforming to create new game modes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game centered on creativity. The game offers players a variety of different tools to build and shape your island exactly the way you want, and the terraforming tools in particular have led to some really great creations. As a result, the game has maintained a very creative fanbase since its launch, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that the community is using the game’s tools to create full game shows and obstacle courses on entire islands.

In a new article from Twinfinite, several Animal Crossing creators shared their competitive game modes that breathe new life into the title. For example, YouTuber Crunchy Island capitalized on the popularity of certain villagers by having a group of the game’s creators race through an intricately designed maze for the chance to befriend fan-favorite villager Raymond.


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If that’s not complex enough for you, why not check out YouTuber EJ Plays’ creation called Last Crosser Standing. Inspired by watching Survivor on CBS at the start of the pandemic, Last Crosser Standing invites players to participate in group challenges to earn the safety of being kicked off the show. The entire island has been transformed to accommodate certain areas for specific challenges and there’s even a place where players vote on who to kick. It’s like Big Brother, but with a lot less drama.

Not everything is competitive though, as YouTuber Truongy also shared his Lost Race series, which was originally a single-player obstacle course. Similar to the first example, Truongy created a complex maze for two teams of three to collect and protect Jacob’s Ladders, forcing players to work together to find more flowers than the opposition within a limited time.

There are many more examples included in the emagtrends article, as well as quotes from the YouTubers themselves detailing their creations as well as their inspirations. Who knows, maybe they inspired you to create your own game mode? Or maybe just go visit your abandoned villagers, they all miss you dearly.

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