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Animal Crossing Player adds new AI-designed in-game villagers

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player used AI software to design and create four new villagers, each brought to life in-game.

A Animal Crossing: New Horizons discovered what new AI-created villagers might like – even going the extra mile and adding them to the game. A recent social media trend has seen a number of AI-generated video game ideas, fans just having to add keywords to generators like Dall-E Mini. The results can vary wildly between being incredibly accurate and downright bizarre, which many say only adds to the entertainment value.

Each villager of animal crossing has a unique appearance and one of many personality types. This led to some villagers enjoying immense popularity within the community, while at the same time others were left behind in the metaphorical cold. Raymond the cat, for example, quickly became the focal point of a black market following the release of New Horizons, as players desperate to have it on their islands began paying incredible sums for the privilege. Players generally prefer unique, cute, or realistic villagers, and some of the quirkiest villager designs in the game mean there are plenty of ACNH NPC fans don’t want to review anymore.


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Now the animal crossing– YouTuber Timmy vs Tommy added four new villagers to the game using an AI builder. Composed of Trixy the little one, Stripes the wolf, Bandit the cat and Buttons the hamster, the drawings of these characters were generated by the AI ​​image generation software Dall-E Mini. Timmy vs Tommy then adapted the designs to the appropriate character models, before transferring the finished villagers into New Horizons. Each character was also named using an online name generator, in order to use AI as much as possible during the design process. Of course, this isn’t the first time new villagers have been added to ACNH with mods, but the concept of entirely new, AI-designed characters is certainly a rarity.

Timmy vs Tommy went through many potential designs provided by Dall-E Mini before selecting their four favorite new ones. ACNH villager. Due to the unreliable nature of AI image generation, some of the villagers created by the program were just too weird to be viable designs, or in some cases looked oddly bland. And even with the four favorites, their AI-generated proportions didn’t always match standard character models, leading to game versions having different overall looks. In some cases, the AI’s design choices simply didn’t translate well to in-game characters. However, other features such as Stripes’ namesake color accents have proven to be entirely repeatable. This resulted in some interesting designs for new villagers, many of whom animal crossing fans would definitely love to interact with.

Timmy vs Tommy’s use of AI software is part of an interesting development in digital art. With technology becoming both more advanced and more accessible, it is now possible to effectively outsource the majority of the design process to computers. Of course, software like Dall-E Mini can’t tell the difference between a design that works and one that doesn’t, but that’s where human operators can step in and take over. Trixy, Stripes, Bandit and Buttons may not be real animal crossing villagers, but they still look a lot like their official counterparts. With a few more tweaks, any of them could be considered a mere resident of the island and could possibly reach the coveted heights of ACNH popularity like Raymond before them.

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Source: Timmy vs. Tommy/YouTube

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