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Animal Crossing villagers who would make the worst housemates ever

There are many villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons interact with, and more throughout the series. A few villagers have a bad reputation as neighbors, but others would make even worse roommates. Generally, villagers have a bad reputation due to their appearance or the negative interactions they have with the player and other villagers. Some may be grumpy or rude, while others may be lazy or just have weird habits that earn them low ranks on the villager list.

Each villager of animal crossing has a basic personality like Jock, Sisterly, or Snooty, and they have general associations with that trait. Jocks like to exercise and be constantly active while Sisterly Villagers will be humble and caring towards the player. In addition to general traits, each villager has their own style and a few characteristics that set them apart from other characters in their personality category.


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The little details and individual styles are what would make some villagers terrible housemates. Of course, no one would want a Snooty or Lazy roommate, but some are much more tolerable than others. Some of the most hated villagers would actually make decent roommates, like some of the chickens or gorillas, and a few of the most popular are certainly characters that would be hard to live with.

Sherb would bring unwanted guests to new horizons

Animal Crossing villagers who would make the worst housemates ever

Sherb is actually one of the most popular villagers in animal crossing, but, while fun to roam around the island, he would make an awful housemate. As a lazy villager, Sherb constantly sleeps or sits. Although he’s easy to get along with, he probably wouldn’t help around the house or help pay off growing debts to Tom Nook. However, Sherb’s laziness isn’t the worst part of him.

Most of Sherb’s conversations are about the food left around his house or the many insects that live with him. As a roommate, Sherb would likely get dirty and bring his insect friends with him. Constantly having to clean up leftover Sherb or deal with bugs, and possibly its bad smell, would be a constant point of frustration and disgust. On the other hand, for anyone who loves the company of ants and other creepy crawlers, Sherb could make a great roommate at New Horizons.

Animal Crossing’s Monique would constantly talk about herself

Animal Crossing villagers who would make the worst roommates ever Monique

The Snooty Monique is both a generally hated villager Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and a poor choice for a roommate. Monique constantly talks about herself and looks down on others. His frequent gossip, judgmental, and generally negative behavior towards other villagers and the player has earned him a bad reputation. There may be a large number of Snooty villagers, but Monique takes it to another level.

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Even after growing closer to Monique and forming a friendship with her in animal crossing, she will always mostly talk about herself and keep making rude comments. Monique seems like the kind of roommate who would make up crazy stories just to be the center of attention at all times. This self-absorbed, titled cat brings little to the table in terms of a housemate, and her constant judgmental behavior would make her nearly impossible to live with for long.

The chef would spread rumors of boredom in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing villagers who would make the worst housemates ever

The leader is not as low as a villager in animal crossing like Monique, but he will gossip the same way about others. However, the leader likes to start rumors about his neighbors out of boredom and will likely cause a lot of arguments. He is difficult to live with and will quickly become disagreeable if the players disagree with him on anything. He also constantly tries to compete with the players to prove that he is better than them.

Having a roommate like Chief would likely mean avoiding neighbors as he likely spouted outrageous but unsubstantiated gossip. As a roommate, Chief can get a bit intense with competitions and be an extremely painful loser. The chef is also generally grumpy which would be unpleasant to put up with. It is likely that many people would easily get bored Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager as he is an obnoxious and easily bored rumor-spreader who makes a bad roommate.

Pietro can turn your Animal Crossing house into an entertainment house

Animal Crossing villagers who would make the worst housemates ever Pietro

The colorful clown-clad sheep named Pietro is a smug villager who is fairly easy to get along with, but can be arrogant and full of himself. Having a clown who is always in character can be unsettling and, for some, horrifying to experience. Pietro is usually fun to have around the island in New Horizons, but getting used to a clown roommate would be a difficult feat. Besides his looks and personality, there are a few other reasons why Pietro would make a bad roommate.

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For those not scared of clowns, Pietro would still be a very troublesome roommate. With an affinity for all things wacky and fantastical, a place shared with Pietro might be closer to a funhouse than a cozy home. In Good family paradise for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pietro is asking for a “world of dreams” for his house and needs a Ferris wheel somewhere on the property. Having Pietro as a roommate would mean carnival for a house, and while that might be fun in theory, it’s not a practical living environment.

Nervousness would cause too much stress in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing villagers who would make the worst housemates ever

As his name suggests, Jitters is a very nervous and anxious villager with a jock personality. As if his unsettling, wide-eyed gaze wasn’t enough, Jitters also comments on the player’s fitness level and will get competitive. Jitters generally get along with others, but can be a little smug when it comes to exercise and his activity. His Jock personality in Animal Crossing: New Horizons could be boring to put up with all the time.

While not the worst roommate imaginable, Jitters would likely increase the stress level by the time he moved in. His nervousness is likely to cause anxiety and negativity, and his expression makes him appear fearful or paranoid. Plus, it can be impossible to get used to seeing Jitters’ horrifying expression every morning. At the very least, he would probably drink all the coffee, and that’s unacceptable in most life situations.

Grumpy Villagers Would Make Animal Crossing’s Worst Roommates

Animal Crossing villagers who would make the worst housemates ever grumpy

Regardless of their personality traits and habits, the grumpy villagers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons would make the worst roommates possible. Dealing with a villager who is constantly irritable, spreading rumors, starting arguments, and throwing tantrums is boring enough while trying to keep the island fun. Having a grumpy villager housemate would be unbearable and more frustrating than living with any other type of villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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