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Animal Food Bank raises funds for Ukrainian animal rescues – Kelowna News

Victoria Femia

The Animal Food Bank raises money for a number of animal rescues in Ukraine who need help during the Russian invasion.

Founder Nicole Frey said a good way to help Ukrainian animal shelters during this time is to make monetary donations.

“Because we have no idea what they’re up against, there’s no logistical possibility of sending food to Ukraine,” Frey said. “It would be difficult at the best of times, let alone during a war.”

People have the option to donate to the animal food bank, which will go into their Ukrainian fund, or they can donate directly to rescues listed on their website.

“There’s no pressure, if someone wants to get involved and they feel better about donating to an organization that matches what they think is best suited for that donation and they can do it directly,” Frey said.

Frey said he spoke to some rescue groups who have struggled to keep the animals they house safe and fed.

She has also heard of some Ukrainian residents being forced to choose between leaving their pets behind and boarding a flight to safety.

The neighboring countries of Poland, Romania and Slovakia allow all Ukrainians on the run to bring their animals across their borders without veterinary papers.

Scenes of refugees carrying pets as they flee their homes are common.

Frey added that in times of crisis, pets don’t necessarily come first and because of this, she wants to be their voice and help them in any way she can.

“We just have to be their voice, I just want people to understand that there are pets and these animals are so important to their humans that when we help pets, we help humans and someone else. one must speak for them. “, said Frey.

The Animal Food Bank has also been working on a #BEKIND campaign, which is another way to help provide financial support for pets in Ukraine. Ten percent of the sale price for each hoodie sold, and an additional 10 percent of all AFB merchandise sales in March will be donated to the AFB Ukraine Fund to be donated to the various organizations on their website.

For more information on how and where to donate, visit the Animal Food Bank website.