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Animal lovers slam nightclub for keeping giant shark in small tank


PETA, a German animal rights organization, has called for the release of a shark, which is being held in a small tank at a nightclub in the Turkish resort town of Antalya, exposed to loud music, flashing lights and noise from entertainers.

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“Sharks have an excellent sense of hearing. These species can locate even distant sound waves that even humans cannot detect. Low pitched sounds cause stress in animals, ”said a statement, requesting a suitable location for the captive shark.

The incident also sparked backlash from animal rights groups in Turkey.

Nesrin Çıtırık, president of the HayKonfed Animal Rights Confederation, said the shark had been tortured and official institutions had high tolerance for such places.

She said measures such as not imprisoning free-born animals in zoos and not using animals in places of entertainment are supposed to be taken in the new animal rights law, but a clause was added. to the latest law which will facilitate the opening of such places.

“Although it has been decided that no new dolphins will come to the dolphin parks in 10 years, they are replacing the deceased animal with a new dolphin and changing its chip,” Çıtırık noted.

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Aslı Gözen, a representative of the Anatolian Animal Rights Federation, said inspections should be increased.