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Animal Rescue Group wants pet owners to stop throwing their dogs – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A local animal rescue group is sounding the alarm after seeing an increase in the number of abandoned animals. According to them, this is a disturbing trend occurring at this time of year.

Dogs are being dumped all over South Florida and animal rights advocates want it to stop.

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CBS4 visited one of those places Daymi Blain says dogs are constantly being abandoned.

“See the hole over there?” Blain said, pointing to a heavily forested area. “They’re hiding in there. They are afraid because they are dogs that have been on the streets. They go out trying to find food, ”Blain said with Adopt and Save a Life Rescue Mission.

Blain says that over the past few weeks they have seen a spike of animals left for dead on the side of the road. In fact, she says she saved 5 in a month.

“It’s Pepper,” she showed CBS4. “She was dumped here. They are constantly throwing dogs into this area. I guess the owners think they are going to find a house in this area, but they get killed on Krome Avenue right away, so it’s very sad, ”Blain added.

It happened as the CBS4 crew was investigating the story. A dog killed by the side of the road on Krome Avenue.

“That’s what happens when you throw a dog. This is the result, ”said an angry Dahlia Canes with Miami Coalition Against Race Specific Law.

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Canes says the problem worsens during the holiday season as many families get ready for a new puppy to get rid of their old dogs. Now, several local nonprofits are banning together to stop the trend.

“Not only are they throwing them in the Redlands, in Homestead, Hialeah, name it, the dogs are thrown. If you throw your dog out, a lot of things could happen to him, ”she said. “He’s going to end up being hit by a car. it’s going to end up being a bait dog for dog fighting or it’s going to just be eaten by an alligator, starve and worse yet, wither.

Abandoned dog hit by a car, suffering from two broken legs, rescued by an animal rescue organization (CBS4)

Blain says that’s exactly what happened to another dog she rescued last week.

He had two broken hind legs and will be convalescing in hospital for at least three weeks.

“A lot of them are beaten,” Blain said.

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“This is no way for society to behave. We are supposed to be civilized. This is barbaric and it must stop, ”echoed Canes.