Animal rescues

Animal rescues and shelters struggling in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

PHOENIX – Animal shelters and rescues are also feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many organizations are struggling with lack of supplies, canceled adoption events and overcrowded shelters.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shared a message with the community on Monday, saying they were continuing business as usual, with some additional health and safety changes.

How can I help you? MCACC is at capacity with animals in its kennels. They are looking for people to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate money and UNUSED, UNOPENED supplies and food. At this time, used items are not accepted.

On Tuesday, March 17, all pet adoptions at both locations will be 50% off from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Major adoption events have been cancelled.

If you feel sick, do not come to the shelter. Staff are working to sanitize facilities and perform regular deep cleanings.

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Other shelters and animal shelters are also looking for community members to step up adoptions and animal care, as well as supply donations.

Stores are seeing a massive influx of people grabbing all the cleaning supplies and food they can, putting businesses at risk.

The wildlife of freedom, a Phoenix-based animal rehabilitation, education and conservation center, says it is seeking donations of toilet paper, paper towels as well as bird seed and cat food.

“These are the items we need in extreme surplus in order to prepare and keep ourselves strong for our next onslaught of thousands of needy baby animals,” Liberty Wildlife says. “Not just Liberty Wildlife, but every non-profit organization is going to feel the effects of this pandemic!”

If there’s an animal shelter, rescue group, or conservation organization you’d like to support, consider reaching out to see how you can help, while staying safe and healthy.