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Animal Rescues partner for Lowcountry Foster Fair Sunday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Animal shelters in the Lowcountry teamed up on Sunday to hold hospitality fairs in the Tri-County.

The four organizations, Charleston Animal Society, Berkeley Animal Center, Pet Helpers and Dorchester Paws, say promoting animals increases shelter capacity while relieving the animal of the stresses of shelter life.

“Our area shelters are doing incredible work saving lives and advocacy is key to the rescue success we’re seeing in the Lowcountry,” said Alexis Kaul, animal behavior manager for Pet Helpers.

Shelters have encouraged people to inquire about fostering opportunities with dog and cat shelters.

Organizers say they are looking for “BFFs,” or the Best Friends Foster Program, for animals in need of behavioral assessment and support.

“The most common behavioral issues we need help with include high energy/inappropriate play, fear-based behaviors and general anxiety,” said Tiffany Hoffman, Berkeley County Animal Events Coordinator. Center.

The foster program provides insight into the true behavior of the foster animal away from stressors in the shelter.

Charleston Animal Society officials say they are looking for kitten foster homes because they have kittens pouring in during the busy summer season, even for just a few weeks. They also said it was the peak of the busy adult dog season. They search for houses to take care of them and collect information about them to help them find the best house.

“We’re not going to force you to keep it,” said Christina Ellwood, head of Foster and Rescue. “I feel like a lot of people are like, you know, if I’m in foster care, they’ll probably want me to, you know, make this my pet forever and absolutely not. In fact, what we would prefer is that you continue to foster, like helping find a home for this animal and just keep fostering.

It costs nothing to foster, and the Charleston Animal Society says it tries to provide foster families with everything they need, like food, leashes and collars. The foster care fair comes as shelters across the state remain at overcapacity.

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