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Animal rights activists demonstrate in Thanet for National Vivisection Day of Protest – The Isle Of Thanet News

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By Evangeline Tuffs

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Animal rights activists staged a protest in Margate today (22 January) as part of the National Vivisection Day of Protest.

Activists were on Shottendane Road for a public awareness demonstration to help raise awareness of the cruelties within the vivisection industry.

The action took place on site because Charles River Laboratories, one of the largest animal testing companies in the world, is nearby.

Some of the attendees are vegan and have been at events like these for decades, but would like to welcome anyone, regardless of age, to join.

Members of the public took flyers to the group and onlookers and passers-by showed their support and honked their cars.

Animal Aid says that every 8 seconds an animal dies in UK labs.

According to Cruelty Free International:

According to government figures, a total of 3.40 million experiments were carried out in Britain in 2019.

Of these, 1.67 million (49%) were related to the creation or breeding of genetically modified animals that were not used in other experiments. The remaining 1.73 million (51%) were real animal experiments, including 551,835 animals (32%) who were subjected to experiments that even researchers considered caused them moderate or severe suffering.

Of the total number of experiments, 57% were for basic research purposes while only 13% were required by regulators. 53% of all experiments were conducted at universities, often using public funds.

On his website, Charles River states, “Animals have contributed to nearly every medical breakthrough in recent history, including treatments for cancer, diabetes and AIDS, and they continue to play a vital role in the development of life-saving drugs for people and other people. animals.

“The welfare of animals contributing to research is of the utmost importance and a prerequisite for the accuracy, reliability and translatability of our research.”

Campaigners urge people to ask their MP to sign EDM 175 to support public science debate in

And to ask Home Secretary Priti Patel to make animal testing illegal.

Email: [email protected]

Position: MP Rt Hon Priti Patel

Communal room

London SW1A DAA