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Animal rights groups call for the arrest of the man who killed a dog with an arrow

A VIDEO of a man shooting a stray dog ​​with a bow and arrow has sparked outrage among animal rights groups.

The star Online reported that Persatuan Haiwan Terbiar (SAFM) shared the video on social media of the alleged perpetrator who shot the stray dog ​​during his archery practice.

“According to the video, the suspect dragged the stray dog ​​with his bow and arrow. The dog died with the arrow pierced through his face. The suspect wasted no time in putting the poor dog down when he had the chance. the group said in a Facebook post.

SAFM defended the stray dog ​​saying it did not attack the man.

The group later called witnesses to provide information about the incident, citing the Animal Welfare Act 2015 relating to the video. Those found guilty can face up to three years in prison or a fine of RM20,000-100,000, or both.

“Why would this cruel person chase dogs as part of his archery training? Unfortunately, this is not the first time that SAFM has reported that an animal has been cruelly killed by an inhuman archer,” he added.

Meanwhile, Independent Pet Adoption Network (IPAN) co-founder Catherine Leyow finds the incident inexcusable, saying many communities have organized a “trap, neuter and release” program in their neighborhoods to alleviate the stray dog ​​population and take care of them as well.

“Community dogs can be an asset as they control the population of rats and other vermin and keep burglars away. Some are even known to protect residents from attack,” she said.

Leyow added that if one is uncomfortable with stray animals and does not want to take care of them, that does not mean that they should be treated in such a despicable way.

“Studies have shown that such vicious behavior towards animals can indicate psychopathic tendencies, and the person will go on to commit horrible acts against humans,” she said.

She added that the culprit must be arrested and prosecuted for committing the “horrendous crime”.