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Animal rights protest interrupts NFL opening night

It wouldn’t be a major sporting event without an idiot or idiots running around the field. Thursday night saw the NFL opener. These idiots turned out to be animal rights protesters.

In what looked like an elaborate gender reveal, two women rushed onto the Sofi Stadium turf with some sort of pink smoke bomb. No, they weren’t letting the world know they were pregnant with little girls. They were apparently trying to draw attention to something called #SmithfieldTrial.

Both women belong to an organization known as “Direct Action Everywhere”. Their Twitter bio reads, “Using nonviolent direct action and community building to create groundbreaking social and political change for animals.”

They have 14,000 Twitter followers, but they weren’t exactly racking up the views with this particular protest.

Here are the two women seen in the video. The woman on the left is Katia Shokrai and the woman on the right is Emek Echo.

Animal rights protesters rush onto the field on NFL opening night. (Direct Action Everywhere)

This is not the first sporting event of this group. If you recall, there were several disruptions at Minnesota Timberwolves games last season. You guessed it, Direct Action Everywhere was also responsible for that.

I guess they accomplished their mission, since we are talking about them. But all I can think of right now is how delicious a filet mignon would be. Wrapped in bacon. With some scallops and shrimp on the side.