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Animal rights protesters demonstrate against horse racing

A LOCAL animal rights group staged a protest outside the Guildhall in Worcester this week.

Animal Aid supporters and members of Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies staged the protest on Wednesday July 27, opposing any money from Worcester City Council’s bid for the Leveling Up Fund earmarked for horse racing at Worcester Racecourse Worcester.

Protesters could be seen with signs reading ‘no fun for horses’ and ‘horses die in races’, and an installation stood in front of the protest which appeared to show the depiction of a dead horse.

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The group also spoke at Worcester City Council’s Policy and Resources Committee meeting, expressing concern over cruelty in the sport of horse racing.

The group also asked the council to invest in more progressive local initiatives instead of Worcester Racecourse.

A Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies spokesperson said: “Last year five horses died on the course and two more have died this year so far.

“Fans have sent out leaflets to the general public and councilors entering the meeting informing them of racehorse deaths and what is happening during the races, both on the flat and over the jumps, where the Whipping is still permitted despite evidence from studies that horses feel as much pain as humans from being whipped and it does not improve safety on the course.

“We have generated a lot of interest and people have signed a petition with the Leveling Up Fund asking them not to provide funds for the Worcester races.

“The horses that died last year and in the early part of this year at Worcester have all been named and their ages given for profit and our ‘entertainment’.

“Lives are being taken far too young.”

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The group previously staged a protest outside Worcester Racecourse itself in June on Family Fun Day.

Protesters could be seen holding signs saying stop suffering, “against cruelty to animals” and “merchants of death”.

Worcester City Council declined to comment on the protest and we have contacted Worcester Racecourse for further information.