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Animal Shelter offers to sign a fundraiser | Atlantic

ATLANTIC – Atlantic Animal Shelter staff put up signs to remind people to clean up after their dogs to raise money for the shelter.

Animal shelter manager Kris Erickson said she noticed a similar sign online where the animal shelter’s kennel dog doors had been purchased around the same time a board member wanted to put a sign in his yard with the ordinance on it hoping people would clean up after their dogs. his property.

She said the sign she saw wasn’t big enough to include the whole ordinance, but she and the council member tried to come up with a slogan that would explain it.

“(That slogan was) ‘They poop, you scoop. It’s the law,'” she said.

The signs can currently only be ordered in person, Erickson said, people must come to the shelter to fill out an order form. The refuge is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Mondays and Thursdays by appointment. The cost is $20 for one panel and $35 for two, and there are color options including gray, lime, red, royal blue, black, navy, beige, white and purple. She plans to create an online shopping option in the future.

Erickson said the benefit of selling the signs is that they remind people to obey the law by cleaning up after their dogs and the proceeds help support the animal shelter.

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