Animal funds

Animal Shelter Pet of the Week

Meet the hero! It is as beautiful as they come. This big, sturdy boy weighs 80 pounds, and although he’s the size of a small horse, he seems to think your knees are just right for him. Within minutes of the encounter, we can guarantee he’ll be rolling onto his back and expecting his belly to be rubbed. Hero takes great pride in his ability to “sit” on command and holds his head up when he pulls it back. He was found wandering around Berkner Park and couldn’t wait to jump into the researcher’s car for his ride. He had fly bites in his ears and tested positive for heartworms, so we imagine he was an outdoor dog at his old home. Everything about this boy screams that he wants to be inside, by your side and probably on your sofa…so that’s exactly what we’re hoping for!

Her heartworm treatment is estimated to be around $425 by our local low cost veterinary partnership. If you can’t adopt but want to help Hero is another way, you can donate for this medical treatment through our online portal – those dollars go directly into our medical fund account. You can find it on our website ( If we can increase that for him, we can start his treatment next week!

For more information on animals available for adoption, visit the animal shelter’s webpage here.