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Ask SAM: What was the animal posted on Ardmore’s Facebook page? | Local News

Q: Recently on social media there was a photo from the Ardmore area of ​​I believe a dog-like animal. Has anyone figured out what it was?

Answer: Yes, SAM also saw the photo on the Ardmore Neighborhood page and contacted Debbie Fuchs, public relations and communications manager for the NC Zoo.

Fuchs contacted Jennifer Ireland, the zoo’s mammal curator. According to Ireland, the animal is a fox.

The Humane Society says on its website,, that seeing foxes outside during the day is becoming more and more common. They are usually in search of food.

“Foxes are afraid of people and usually run away when they detect your presence, but they may visit your yard or neighborhood,” he said.

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Unless the fox has rabies, which is rare, it is not dangerous and does not attack people.

They can, however, become aggressive if caught and handled.

“Even then, a fox’s natural tendency is to flee rather than fight,” the company said.

Q: I’m going to Tennessee soon. Is construction on Interstate 40 near the Tennessee border complete? Last time I went it took me over an hour to get there.

Answer: SAM has good news.

“All lanes of I-40 are open in the gorge,” said David Uchiyama, spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Transportation in western North Carolina. “They opened before Memorial Day.”

Q: In 2015-2016, Shady Grove Church Road in East Bend was on the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s schedule to be repaved in 2021. There were issues with the DOT budget, and some projects were suspended or abandoned. One of the projects was the repaving of Shady Grove Church Road, which is in such poor condition that the lines down the center and on the shoulders are no longer visible and the road surface itself is cracked, pitted and runny. Who do we residents need to contact to expedite this project for resurfacing?

Answer: Charles Reinhardt, the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Division 11 maintenance engineer, said Shady Grove Church Road is expected to be repaved in 2027. Division 11 covers Yadkin County.

Reinhard said he would have the Yadkin County Engineer review the road for any patches or pavement markings.

“Paved roads are normally assessed by consultants every 2 years to create a pavement condition database which is used by our county maintenance engineers to develop a five-year plan for contract resurfacing activities (asphalt ) and Pavement Preservation based on an annual budget provided for both of these programs,” Reinhardt said.

“Your reader said that in 2016 this route was in the treatment plan in 2021, which would have been the last year of the five-year plan. As you can imagine, the last year of the plan would be most likely to change depending on changes in budgets and relative conditions of other roads in the county.

“That being said, this road was treated under pavement preservation funding with AST (asphalt surface treatment) or more commonly known as tar and gravel in August 2015. C It is on our current five-year plan to receive plant-mixed asphalt in fiscal year 2027. Of course, this is a “plan” subject to change depending on future funding and relative conditions of other roads in Yadkin County.

“Your reader can report maintenance needs to Yadkin County Maintenance at 336-679-2242 so they can be investigated.”

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