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Best animal rescues around Radnor: adopt, donate or volunteer

RADNOR, PA — Spring brings National Adopt a Pet Day from a shelter, but when that has come and gone, many animals remain, waiting for homes in Radnor Township and around Delaware County.

Those adorable puppy and kitten eyes might look unfairly appealing, but pets make great companions. It was shown and reported that pets can increase well-being and improve mental health.

If you love animals but aren’t able to adopt right now, you might consider volunteering at a local shelter. Help is usually needed to exercise the dogs, clean up, feed the pets, and help raise funds. Donating is also a way to bring pets into homes; your donation can reduce local veterinary care costs so more people can afford to adopt pets.

Great animal sanctuaries around Radnor

Delaware County Animal Coalition is an all-volunteer foster-based, non-profit organization that works to reduce stray and shelter animal populations in the Philly area by finding permanent homes for adoptable pets. ACDC Rescue is also dedicated to public education.

  • ACDC Rescue publishes its adoptable animals on its website.
  • Volunteers are needed to foster pets, to help socialize animals, and to volunteer at the Cat Nook Cafe, cuddling pets, and assisting visitors.

Francisvale Home for Small Animals is a welcoming temporary shelter for abandoned dogs and cats and it’s right in Radnor. This is a great place to donate if you just want to help little canine and feline friends. Francisvale Home has been around for over a century and has rescued many thousands of pets.

  • His compassionate care includes medically necessary treatment, pet training and rehabilitation, and neutering.
  • Volunteers are required but must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can make a donation in many ways, including sponsoring a pet.
  • To see the Facebook page.

The place of a dog at Ardmore has been busy for 10 years “connecting great dogs with great people”. The shelter welcomes abandoned, abused and neglected dogs. Many come here from Texas, which according to A Dog’s Place has very high euthanasia rates and many cases of animal cruelty.

  • Adopt or foster care are ways to support A Dog’s Place. There is more information on the The place of a Facebook dog page.
  • The rescue shelter posted on social media that it was in “desperate need” of people to take in pets.
  • A Dog’s Place is committed to education in the treatment and care of animals.

city ​​kittens is a no-kill cat rescue that is run entirely by volunteers who rescue stray animals from the streets of West Philadelphia and work to bring them into happy homes. Animals are screened for health issues and prepared for a foster home pending adoption.

  • City Kitties is always looking for people to act as foster families, so the cats can live outside the cages.
  • There are no paid staff at City Kitties, so donations help them prepare the cats for adoption.

Brandywine Valley SPCA has placed more than 4,700 animals in homes this year as it targets 16,000. Under the Brandwine Valley SPCA umbrella are eight facilities, including a shelter in West Chester on Phoenixville Pike and an animal health center in Malvern . BVSPCA has an adoption center at the PetSmart store at 2100 Chemical Road in Plymouth Meeting.

LaMancha Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter on 45 acres near Unionville in southeast Chester County that rescues dogs and cats as well as farm animals like goats and horses. LaMancha aims to accommodate dogs least likely to be adopted from other shelters.

  • LaMancha Animal Rescue relies on those who make a donation to support their work.
  • Animals available for adopt of LaMancha are on and as well as on La Mancha Facebook page.

4-legged rescue is a no-kill shelter in Malvern that helps foster all breeds of dogs. The shelter offers refuge and rehabilitation to animals for whom the 4 legs can be a last chance.

  • The placement policy means the animals live with families who are trained to help the rescue facilitate adoptions that fit well.
  • Half of the dogs in shelters and more than half of the cats are destroyed because there is no one to adopt them. Founded in 2009, All 4 Paws rescued 10,000 animals in its first 10 years.
  • Volunteers are needed, as well as those who can make a donation.

Find an Animal Rescue Shelter is a volunteer-supported no-kill shelter in southeastern Pennsylvania. The nonprofit works to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for animals. Finding Shelter supports state legislation called “Victoria Law” that would require pet stores here to stop selling commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits and only offer animals rescued from shelters and rescues. Detailed information on Victoria Law is available via Humanity PA CAP.

  • Donations are needed to help Finding Shelter rehabilitate and place the pets they have rescued.
  • To see the Find Facebook Shelter page to discover the animals waiting for adoption.

If you’re just looking for a great place to bring your pet for services, St. George Hunt Memorial Veterinary Hospital in Wayne is nearby and offers great attention to pets.

Molly, below, is at Francisvale Home in Radnor, waiting to be adopted:

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