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Betty White challenges to help animal rescues

Betty White with Uggie, the canine star of “The Artist”, as she arrives for her Friars Club Roast 2012. (Charles Sykes / Associated Press)

We all have our means to decompress, to escape the daily grind – and in these crazy times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed on a daily basis.

We put on music, do yoga, walk, finish a pint of rocky road, finish a pint of vodka, finish a puzzle, meditate, bake bread, eat bread, breathe.

One of my sure-fire stress relievers is watching reruns of “The Golden Girls,” a 1980s sitcom that remains ubiquitous on multiple cable channels, with episodes playing endlessly. It’s a much better way to fall asleep than my usual dose of nightly news programs.

It’s not the funniest show, certainly not the deepest. But it does have a happy ending, and there’s something to do with a bunch of pals and confidants who sometimes laugh at each other but always end up in the end around hugs, slices of cheesecake every night at night. the kitchen table and St. Olaf’s infinitely ridiculous but serious stories told by Rose, performed by beloved Betty White.

What a final kick in the butt it was when we would lose White on the last day of a terrible year, and weeks away from his 100th birthday.

We’ve lost a lot of icons lately. But I don’t think I’ve seen such an outpouring of love for a woman we’ve never met but felt so well known.

One thing we knew about White was that she loved animals and was a champion of their welfare. Shortly after confirming that her death was not another cruel hoax or odd joke about her “dyeing” her hair (this happened in 2014), the hashtag #BettyWhiteChallenge began popping up on social networks.

The challenge is simple: To honor White, donate to an animal shelter, rescue, or agency on his behalf before January 17, which would have been his centenary. It’s a golden challenge, I think, whether you’re a fan or not.

I have featured a lot of animal charities in this column and consulted many more, so to keep things local I have compiled some of these groups worthy of your donation. Many of them are stressed out due to increasing needs and declining generosity, so consider this stress reliever in the best possible way.

Actress Betty White laughs as an African eagle perches above her head when she visited the Los Angeles Zoo in 2006 to accept an Animal Ambassador Award for her decades of dedication to the humane treatment of animals . (Nick UT / Associated press)

If the money is lacking, there are other ways to donate. Albuquerque Animal Welfare and Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center and other government-run animal services and shelters in towns and counties across the state are still in need of volunteers, blankets and toys, homes for welcome and people willing to adopt a furry friend and confidant.

Unless otherwise noted, the following groups are based in Albuquerque, although their work often extends much further. I have also indicated if these were non-profit organizations (for your tax deduction purposes) where known.

Thank you for being the lover of animals.

• Animal Humane New Mexico – The state’s largest animal welfare agency. Provides shelter, veterinary care, education, adoptions. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-255-5523.

• Argos, A Shelter Dog Rescue – Foster, rehabilitation, veterinary care, education, adoption for shelter dogs. Non-profit. On Facebook,, [email protected]

• Daisy Farm Sanctuary – Retirement home for senior dogs and dogs with special needs in the Eastern Mountains. On Facebook, [email protected]

• East Mountain Pet Alert – Volunteers who help reunite lost pets with their families east of Albuquerque. On Facebook, [email protected]

• Haven for Hamsters Rescue and Sanctuary – Emergency relief for hamsters and guinea pigs. Rio Rancho. On Facebook,, 505-918-7113.

• Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary – End-of-life care and hospice for older and unwanted dogs, horses and birds outside of Santa Fe. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-471-5366.

• NMDog – Volunteer rescue in foster care for chained, mistreated and forgotten dogs. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-886-1729.

• Horse Rescue in New Mexico at the Walkin N Circles Ranch – Rehabilitates, recycles and relocates rescued horses that live on a working ranch in Stanley. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-286-0779.

• Pawsitive Life Rescue of New Mexico – Fosters the homeless, abandoned pets, provides veterinary care, vaccination clinics, grooming and finds homes forever. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-570-2063.

• Penny Lane Foal Rescue – Care, intensive basic skills training, placement of orphaned and abandoned horses, programs for young people to work with horses. Non-profit. Rio Rancho. On Facebook,, 505-373-3203.

• Pet-A-Bulls – Volunteers carefully select breeds of bullies in shelters for training, veterinary care, and vaccinations to prepare well-behaved dogs for adoption. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-316-2089.

• Street Cat Hub – Focuses on improving the lives of feral cats by spaying / neutering them and finding them homes. Non-profit. On Facebook,, (505) 247-9357 but prefers communication via web page or [email protected]

• Sunflower Sanctuary – Country house in the eastern mountains for old, sick and injured animals, from dogs to horses, to live their days. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-286-6302.

• Tootsie’s Vision – Finds foster and forever homes for blind dogs, provides veterinary care, educates more about pets than they do. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-440-3208.

• Long live! New Mexico Rural Animal Rescue – Rescue homeless animals from rural shelters. Non-profit. On Facebook,, [email protected]

• Watermelon Mountain Ranch – New Mexico’s largest deathless shelter offers a pet home / adoption, training, dog retreat village, vet care and animal rescue from Molly’s Mercy Missions in shelters in the southwest and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Non-profit. Rio Rancho. On Facebook,, 505-771-0140 but prefer to email [email protected]

• New Mexico Wildlife Rescue – Veterinary and rehabilitative care for orphaned and injured wildlife. Non-profit. On Facebook,, 505-344-2500.

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