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Black man killed in bed by police was treated like an ‘animal’, lawyer says

Donovan Lewis’s family attorney says Ohio police treated the unarmed 20-year-old black man like an ‘animal’ when they shot and killed him while he was in bed , by BNC News. At a news conference on Thursday, September 1, family attorney Rex Elliott said body camera footage showed a Columbus officer ignoring Lewis’s humanity when he “recklessly” shot the youngster. 20 years old seconds after meeting him in bed. Elliott noted that Lewis had just woken up and followed orders to get out of bed before he was killed by police. “The video shows a sickening reaction to me,” he said. “The video appears to have treated Donovan like an animal. The attorney condemned authorities for moving Lewis after he was shot, an action that could have aggravated his gunshot wound.

“Instead, they caught him. There was no weapon. They handcuffed him. They told her to crawl out of bed. They dragged him to the ground. It was just terrible,” Elliott said.

Police released body camera video on Tuesday (August 30) showing the events leading up to the shooting, which happened just before 2:30 a.m. while officers were serving a warrant for their arrest.

The video shows officers knocking on the front door of an apartment before a man responds and is detained.

A second man standing at the entrance to the apartment was also taken into custody, by WCMH.

In the video, officers then enter the apartment with a police dog.

The K9 later appears to bark at the door to a back bedroom. Officer Ricky Anderson, who is handling the dog, pushes open the door and, within moments, opens fire on Lewis.

Chef Elaine Bryant said Anderson pulled the trigger after the 20-year-old appeared to raise a hand that was holding something.

No weapon was found at the scene, but what appeared to be a “vape pen” was found “on the bed right next to” Lewis, Bryant noted.

However, Elliot disputed Bryant’s claims on Thursday, saying the video did not appear to show Lewis holding anything in his hand.

At Thursday’s press conference, the lawyer also urged police to reconsider executing pre-dawn warrants.

“First of all, I would like to know why the hell are they executing warrants at 2 in the morning? he said. “Chief Ryan’s explanation, ‘Well, we’re doing this because we need to make sure they’re home,’ is nonsense. The reality is that felony warrants are executed every day during the day. There was absolutely no reason it was served in the middle of the night like it was.

Anderson, the 30-year-old vet who fatally shot Lewis, has been placed on paid leave as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation investigates the incident, police said.

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