Can I Acquire a Loan? When to Use?

Acquiring a loan in Brazil is getting more and more recurrent. Every month, the indices show that the Brazilian has increasingly resorted to credit for a wide range of purposes, whether to pay debts, buy a vehicle, finance a property, travel vacations, among others.

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On television, radio and newspapers we see aggressive and massive publicity promotions and advertisements from banks, financiers and credit companies trying to influence us in hiring a loan or financing. On the city streets we also see dozens of financial institution pamphleteers offering easy money with their loan plans with almost no bureaucracy and almost affordable interest rates.


So the question remains in our head – when can I get a loan and when to use it?

So the question remains in our head - when can I get a loan and when to use it?

Tips and advice are welcome when it really helps us control or minimize everyday issues, especially when it comes to personal finances.

Here are some of the tips to reduce expenses and not need to borrow or borrow .

A good solution to not having to acquire a loan, would be to forgo certain perks of everyday life. When a person or family can not pay off their consumer debts or with payments of other credits like credit card and pre-dated checks as stated, giving up certain perks of everyday life can bring a short and mid-term.

Items such as dining out every week, pizza every Friday, shopping at the mall every weekend, cable TV on the best plan, unnecessary hours on the phone, two or three postpaid cell phones, movie rentals in the video store, cleaning lady every week, laundry, excessive spending on gas, superfluous purchases at the supermarket are just a few of the dozens of items we could give up to bring a good reserve of money into our pockets.

Staying for some time without these details that bring status, personal satisfaction, emotional and comfort, can bring financial health and solution to pay off debts without having to appeal for a personal loan .

Before you buy a loan , think about whether you really need to borrow it. It is common in conditions of extreme financial pressure, desperation because of debt or problems in finances, the person end up resorting to a loan to pay other loans or outstanding payments, in these situations basic details such as interest rate, deadlines, fines etc., are put aside further aggravating the scenario.

Another common situation that one should not acquire a loan or make a financing is – for the payment of home or consumer electronics – to pay holiday expenses – buying a vehicle or motorcycle is not a good option. The tip is to save money for some time to get them in sight before having to finance them.


So when can I get a loan?

So when can I get a loan?

When all possibility of paying off the debts in other cheaper ways have run out and having to acquire a loan or financing is the last resort. Even so, when contracting the loan, do not fail to do a good search in several banks and financials to get special conditions, lower interest rates and flexible deadlines.