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Celebrate National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week

Each year, the first week of November is dedicated to celebrating the organizations and individuals who devote endless hours to saving animal lives. Not only do these shelters and rescues focus on adopting animals into new homes, reuniting or rehoming strays, and providing lifesaving vaccinations and veterinary care, but they also work to clean up our communities by treating sick strays and fighting the overpopulation of feral cats. National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week is a great time to show gratitude to the shelters and rescues in your community. Without community members like you, these organizations would not be able to provide the care and services they offer! Join us in showing our appreciation this week in one of these ways.

1. Become a foster home – Did you know that shelters, including the Beatrice Humane Society, frequently seek temporary homes for animals that are newborn or nursing, or have special needs or are recovering of a medical intervention? Although we joke about “foster home failures” (foster families who end up falling in love with the animal and choose to adopt it), most foster animals stay with a foster family. home for a few weeks to a few months. Having pets in foster care helps free up crucial space in the shelter or rescue and helps provide the one-on-one socialization that can make pets more adoptable! Interested in becoming an adoptive animal for the Beatrice Humane Society? Learn more about our life-saving onboarding program and register on our website.

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2. Adopt a Pet – Choosing to adopt a pet from your local shelter not only provides a forever home for the animal, saving its life and changing yours, but also helps spread the word about the shelter you have adopted! It also helps support the shelter financially. On average, the cost of room and board at the shelter for a dog is $15/day. You do the math, but by shortening the length of stay, shelters can save money and free up space for other animals.

3. Donate to your local shelter or favorite rescue – At the Beatrice Humane Society, only 10% of our annual budget is provided by the city and county. Although we would like to see this increase, we know that other local services also need funding. We rely heavily on private donations from community members like you to continue our operations! We greatly appreciate monetary donations, but we also welcome items such as laundry detergent, cleaning/office supplies, purina dog/cat food, blankets and towels, even paper towels and toilet paper! If you shop a lot on Amazon, consider making the Beatrice Humane Society your 501(c)3 your nonprofit of choice to receive Amazon Smile Donations that donate 0.5% of your purchases to the nonprofit organization you selected. To donate directly to the Beatrice Humane Society, go to for your tax-deductible donation!

4. Be an Advocate – One of the easiest and most effective ways to help a shelter or rescue is to simply spread the word about the work they do! Attend fundraisers and community events, such as our Weston Awards event (save the date 3/31/23 at Classic’s) or the upcoming Home for the Holidays Open House on December 3 from 3-5pm. Our Weston event focuses on recognizing people who have had a significant impact on our organization while raising funds for general operations through live auctions, games and ticket sales. It really is a fun and fulfilling event to attend! Our Home for the Holidays Open Day is for community members, families, advocates and EVERYONE! Join us for cookies and refreshments at the Beatrice Humane Society while sightseeing and taking pictures with Santa and touring the facilities! The illuminated Holiday Parade follows the Home for the Holidays Open Day, so be sure to catch both!

As you can see, there are many ways to celebrate National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, November 6-12. Challenge yourself and your family to choose one of these ways to help celebrate and show your appreciation for the people and organizations that play such a vital role in our community! Thank you to the Beatrice Humane Society for the vital work you do to save and help animals in need.