Animal rescues

Central Coast cyclist rides bike in Big Sur to save animals

Carl Cubby Cashen is back.

The Central Coast local (his official residence is in Cambria) launched a fundraiser this spring to raise money for local animal rescue shelters.

Cashen, a school bus driver for Pacific Valley School in southern Big Sur and a prolific cyclist, is pursuing his goal of raising more than $50,000 to donate to animal shelters in his lifetime.

On Thanksgiving Day 2018, Cashen hiked Hearst Castle Rd. in San Simeon to achieve an elevation gain of 29,029 feet, the height of Mount Everest. This “Everesting Hearst” event raised over $10,000 for Rescue Alliance of Templeton.

Three and a half years later, Cashen launched a second fundraiser, “Spring for the Pups”. On the first day of spring, March 20, 2022, he challenged himself to take a ride on a fat tire ATV in southern Big Sur.

Cashen started the ride just before sunrise with the goal of riding until sunset. In total, he cycled 73.7 miles, including more than 13,150 feet of climbing. The journey took 13 hours and 5 minutes.

Bobby Joslin via Carl Cubby Cashen

During the “Spring for Pups” challenge on March 20, Cashen covered 73.7 miles, including more than 13,150 feet of climbing, he told KSBY. The journey took just over 13 hours.

Funds raised by the ride will be donated to three central coast animal rescue organizations: the Monterey SPCA, Wood’s Human Society in San Luis Obispo and Rescue Alliance at Templeton.

By Tuesday afternoon, “Spring for the Pups” had raised $1,670 across all three GoFundMe pages.

Rescue Alliance is important to Cashen because it’s the shelter that saved GU, or the Great ChiweenieCashen’s 17-year-old dog.

CHOMPS, an approximately 13-year-old dog, is the other foster member of Cashen’s family. Both rescue dogs are officially retired from bike rides, Cashen told KSBY. Still, the images of the dogs wearing riding goggles and dangling from Cashen’s backpack remain fundraising icons.

The love of animals drives Cashen forward. In 2019, Cashen closed Sea For Yourself Kayak Adventures, a San Simeon store he had owned since 2011 and worked at since 2004. At the time, Cashen told KSBY he closed it “because that he had been told he couldn’t do anything he felt needed to be done to protect wildlife.”

Messages on the shop still active Facebook page include announcements about wildlife spotted in the area and “Enjoy. Don’t Destroy” reminders.

Cashen encourages those unable to donate financially to help in other ways, such as volunteering at a shelter or doing something good for people or animals.

In an update he posted to his GoFundMe pages on Feb. 27, Cashen noted obstacles he encountered while working to complete the second fundraiser, including an elevated heart rate that persisted after his recovery. of COVID.

After completing the “Spring for the Pups” bike ride, Cashen told KSBY that it was difficult and slower than he had hoped, but he kept going.

Cashen signs her post with her motto: “Adopt a pet. Ride a bike. Smile.”