Animal rescues

Charity reminder for brave vets to help animal rescues

Croft Vets Charity Reminder

But when a veterinary surgery team and their supporters throw themselves 90 feet from a regional landmark, their charitable abseil will raise vital funds for two animal rescue organizations.

Sally Gorton and her colleagues from Small Farm Veterans in Bolsover, with fellow fundraisers, will take the plunge over the Millers Dale Viaduct on the Monsal Trail in the Peak District on Sunday October 2.

And they’re on track towards a £3,000 goal to help animals in need, writes Graham Walker.

Hang out with Croft vets

DONATE NOW: Help fundraisers reach their goal, to care for more animals in need, with a donation through their gofundme page – CLICK HERE.

Croft Vets is an independent family business with practices in Bolsover and Totley, serving Chesterfield, Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Sally helped organize the event and gofundme team members include Emily Charity, Rachel De Jong, Jennifer Guest, Kirstie Griffiths and Lynda Owens.

The so-called Hanging out with Croft Vets recall highlights an exceptional dedication to animal welfare.

After 20 years in business, Croft Vets are well known for their incredible service to “fur babies” and an established family business with a huge heart, as their most courageous latest effort shows.

Abseiling 90 feet is not a feat for the faint-hearted, as Sally Gorton is aware.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to overcome my fear of heights, so what better way to do that than to rappel 90ft and raise money for two amazing rescues?

“It’s heartbreaking to realize just how much money animal rescue charities currently need. The services they provide are vital.

“With the cost of living crisis and our economy still recovering from the impact of Covid 19, rescues are seeing an increase in the number of people rehoming their pets. With funding issues and waiting lists , there just isn’t enough help for everyone, so we really want to raise as much money as possible to give rescues a much needed boost.

Local entrepreneur Maz Kenyon signed up for the encore when an event in his own life made him realize the importance of animal rescue organizations.

“Over the summer our dog went missing and it was the scariest and most heartbreaking feeling. Luckily our story has a happy ending and thanks to everyone who looked for him, we have our boy at home, but I can’t bear the thought of someone’s furious family member disappearing and not coming home, so despite my fears, I’m looking forward to participating and raising vital funds. .

RAIN- Rescue Animals in Need has 77 animals in their care – 12 dogs and 65 cats are currently waiting to be rehomed which unfortunately means they have a waiting list of animals in need of their services.

Dunroamin K9 Rescue Dogs for Adoption is a small dog-only rescue, but they are also over-prescribed and feel the pressure to be able to stay open, to provide high quality care for animals in need.