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Charleston Animal Rescue Brew debuts Saturday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – After 149,471 votes cast by the public to determine the winners, rescued dog Pippin and rescued cat Sirri, the official spokesperson and spokesperson for the 2021 Rescue Brew Beer, appear on the labels of the new Palmetto Brewing Company Beer.

Rescue Brew Beer will debut at a special event Saturday at the Palmetto Brewing Company’s Charleston Taproom on Huger Street from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

A record 674 dogs and cats were entered into the Rescue Brew Beer contest for a chance to become the 2021 Spokesdog and Spokescat. Every vote cast by 2,262 people was a $1 donation for the Charleston’s rescue work Animal Society, raising exactly $150,000.

“We are thrilled to partner again with the Charleston Animal Society in the Spokesdog and Spokescat contest and create the Rescue Brew Beer,” says Lauren Hutson, Charleston Taproom Manager for Palmetto Brewing Company, “The Rescue Brew Beer 2021 is crisp and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness. Just like your pet, this beer is a light and cheerful friend at the end of the day.”

The three finalists in this year’s competition were Pippin, owned by Donna Moekel, with 29,241 votes, Duke, owned by Jennifer O’Shea, with 27,684 votes and Shem, owned by Terry Schucany, with 11,663 votes.

The cats in the top three spots were Sirri, owned by Hank & Laurel Greer, with 6,312 votes, Tyson, owned by George & Jeannette Sink, with 4,687 votes, and Cooper, owned by Jaime Ianco, with 1,443 votes.

“The Rescue Brew Beer Contest is one of my favorite events of the year because it brings the entire animal-loving community together,” said Charleston Animal Society CEO Joe Elmore. “Thousands of people enter their favorite pets and then vote for the best Spokesdog and Spokescat. Summer is the most difficult time of all to raise the funds needed for our rescue work and the Rescue Brew Beer contest makes fundraising fun and something everyone can participate in.

Rescue brew 2021 beer is available for purchase at all area Harris Teeter stores and Anson’s Restaurant in Charleston, SC during the spring season.

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