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City of Petal takes new steps to help with animal control

PETAL, Miss. (WDAM) – The City of Petal is taking new steps to help with its animal control.

With local animal shelters filling up at a faster rate, Petal Mayor Tony Ducker said owners need to start taking more control over their own animals. He says if pet owners don’t follow animal control rules, they could be ticketed.

“You’re going to see instances where you’re going to get tickets more often. We will continue to enforce the leash law. If we have animals that are aggressive towards people, we will also try to take care of them. We want to be efficient in what we do, we want to be efficient in what we do,” Ducker said.

Ducker says the Leash Ordinance for Petal requires that all pet owners who walk their pets off their property must have a leash on their pet.

“One of the biggest problems we have is cats. We’re going to try to do neuters and neuters, and I encourage everyone to neuter and neuter because that will help the problem in the long run. It doesn’t You don’t have to catch every animal in town to do this, if you start with one and move on to the next it will improve our situation,” Ducker said.

According to Ducker, funds for neutering and neutering efforts are something he wants to consider for Petal’s next budget. He also says it would be an important step in reducing the number of animals on the streets.

“Our animal control officer is actually part of the police department, so he has full ability to write tickets. So that was one aspect of moving that position within the police service. Obviously we try to be good neighbors and try to work with everyone, but we’ve come up with a solution that has to happen,” Ducker said.

Ducker says it will take everyone in the community working together to help resolve this issue.

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