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DogTrix gives back to rescues of hard-hit animals

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Over the past year, DogTrix, a local dog daycare, dog spa and dog training company, has raised over $ 6,000 for animal rescue in Alberta.

“It’s all about surviving as a business in 2020 and how crazy it was for us, we decided to give back,” said Karen Butler, owner of DogTrix. “We love to party and thought this would be a great way to raise money for local rescues.”

With its last party scheduled for December 17, the company located near Highway 21, just south of the fort, hosted eight parties with themes ranging from a kissing booth to Valentine’s Day, to Valentine’s Day. -Patrick, Easter and Mother’s Day. , Father’s Day, Canada Day, Halloween.

“As I list them, I realize, oh my god do we ever like to party,” Butler said with a laugh. “I love to celebrate, clearly. “

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These eight parties have supported causes such as Alberta Homeward Hound, Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue, Zoe’s Animal Rescue, Second Chance Animal Rescue, Paws in Need, Companion Animal Rescue (CAWS), Pit Bulls for Life and ARTS Senior Animal Rescue. His last night of the year will support Hope Lives Here, with the goal of raising at least $ 500.

“All the rescues have been so happy, they love it. They also shared it on their social media, which has been great in raising awareness, ”said the owner of DogTrix.

A homemade photo booth designed by her husband was the starting point for a year’s fundraising efforts. It was used as the background to capture all of the candid dog photos, which were sold to customers.

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“The customers absolutely loved it. They absolutely see the value in what they’re getting and their dogs are having fun while they do it, ”Butler said.

Currently, DogTrix serves approximately 700 day care clients in Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County. Including grooming and training services, this customer base extends to approximately 1,300. The pandemic puppies have been a big boost to the local business.

“We had pretty big growth in 2021 because when people started going back to work they realized ‘oh my gosh we have this dog and we need a place to put it’, a- she declared.

The company is grateful to be able to repay it after overcoming the challenges of 2020.

“A small challenge is an understatement. On March 21, 2020, I think I cried all the way home. It was a very scary time, not only for me, but also for my employees, ”Butler recalls. “When the schools reopened in September, we started to see a slight increase in the number of dogs returning each day.

“At the start of 2021, things were much more stable. Although I didn’t mean to say ‘we made it’, because we are still in the midst of a pandemic, especially with our numbers per day, even now I felt that in January I wanted to do something to show our appreciation not only to our customers, but to everyone for what we have survived. The rescues were also hit hard, not only by the intakes but also the birth of the puppies, and they were also hit by the restrictions and they needed the money to get things done. So that was our way of trying to help them too.

Looking to 2022, DogTrix intends to continue raising money for local rescues.

“I want to keep the cuteness,” Butler added.

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