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East Texas animal saves the effects of rising pet food costs

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Many animal rescues in East Texas are feeling the effects of rising pet food prices.

This prompts some pet owners to turn their animals over to their local rescues.

“This has been one of the worst years we’ve had for people abandoning their dogs,” said Kat Cortelyou, director of operations for the East Texas SPCA.

The East Texas SPCA has seen an increase in rebates to their relief and they say pet food inflation could be to blame. They are currently over capacity at their rescue in Tyler and have to turn animals away due to lack of space.

“What little kennel space we have has come and gone. We have animals stuck in just about every nook and cranny we can get. I have one in my office, like everyone else in our organization. I know the other rescues in town are in the exact same position. It’s just awful this year,” Cortelyou said.

The lack of space is not only felt in local rescues, but can also be seen in animal controls.

“We are having issues in Smith County where they won’t pick up the animals. They say they don’t have room; they don’t have the money, they don’t have the funding and they don’t have the space. And so they turn people away,” Cortelyou said.

The East Texas SPCA receives at least 20 calls a day from people wanting to surrender their pets.

“We just can’t help everyone and although we try, we try to give them different outlets and different ideas. We try to get them food from our community pantry and verification from our Snippet Clinic, but we always have to say that we just don’t have room for these animals right now. And it’s heartbreaking,” Cortelyou said.

The East Texas SPCA says there are some resources you can contact to help fund your pets’ needs.

Meals on Wheels offers pet food as well as the pantry

The town of Tyler has a pet food bank at its shelter on Chandler Highway.

You can also contact the SPCA itself for assistance.

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