Animal rescues

Etihad Cargo launches Forever Home for animal rescue

This non-profit at-risk live animal transport policy further supports the UAE’s commitment to animal welfare.

Etihad Cargo, the freight and logistics arm of the Etihad Aviation Group, has launched Forever Home to support the non-profit transport of at-risk live animals. The new policy allows the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to consider applications from credible animal rescue and welfare organizations for non-profit transportation of at-risk animals.

“Forever Home reflects Etihad Cargo’s desire to assist in the relocation of live animal rescue missions, which may involve animals that have been abandoned, seized by authorities or neglected, and can range from pets to species endangered under CITES and the IUCN Red List – the multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals,” said Martin Drew, Senior Vice President of Sales and Freight at Etihad Aviation Group, in a company statement.

“This policy will ensure that any rescue mission is conducted by an approved and reputable organization in accordance with Etihad Aviation Group ethics and compliance,” it added.

Forever Home significantly extends Etihad Cargo’s existing animal welfare and conservation policy, dedicated to detecting and taking action to help prevent illegal wildlife trade and promote a responsible and sustainable tourism.

“As one of the first airlines to sign the United for Wildlife Transport Task Force Declaration, Etihad Cargo has a strong track record in animal welfare,” Drew said.

“Forever Home extends this commitment to all animals, whether they are pets, racehorses or exotic species. All rescue requests will be subject to due diligence and, if approved, rescue agencies rescue or individuals can be assured of specialized animal transport at the best possible rate,” he continued.

According to the statement, Etihad Cargo’s LiveAnimals and SkyStables products offer customized solutions for transporting animals and horses, from pets to global conservation projects. Etihad Cargo adheres to every regulatory requirement and guarantees the safest handling of all cash handled by Etihad Cargo through dedicated handling, palletizing and ramp transport by specially trained staff. In fact, the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates recently obtained the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Live certification for its LiveAnimals product.


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