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Everbridge helps WIRES improve response times for animal rescues in Australia

Everbridge, a global leader in critical event management (CEM) and national public warning software solutions, announced that the company is marking three years of proud support for Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization, WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service), a non-profit providing rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned native animals for over 35 years.

More than 5,200 WIRES volunteers – across four Australian states and comprising 10 different wildlife rescue organizations – use Everbridge and its xMatters digital service availability solution to communicate and coordinate wildlife rescues.

“Recent severe flooding in Queensland and New South Wales has been of unprecedented scale and impact on communities, the environment and our native wildlife,” said Lucy Clark, disaster response manager. urgency for WIRES. “In March alone, WIRES received approximately 10,000 emergency calls. During this period, Everbridge has once again proven invaluable, allowing us to send notifications to volunteers in affected areas quickly and efficiently.

“We had hundreds of volunteers and key staff in these areas, many of whom were doing search and rescue operations. We were able to quickly create new communication groups to target for rescue notifications, allowing us to reach our key response teams, maintain regular contact with them, and allocate urgent resources to flood-prone areas .

“Access for rescue teams was extremely difficult immediately afterwards and we needed to focus on 24/7 telephone support for those caring for displaced wildlife in addition to urgent logistical support for our volunteers.

“Many animals in care had to be evacuated. Without Everbridge working in the background, this task would have been impossible. Hundreds of exhausted animals were rescued, including orphaned joeys, wombats and bandicoots, echidnas and many waterlogged birds.

“We believe that with our coordinated emergency response efforts and our sophisticated Everbridge software, we have delivered the best possible results for our precious wildlife. We are very grateful for your support and advanced technology. Together we can do amazing things to ensure that more animals get the second chance at life in the wild they deserve.

WIRES, in partnership with Everbridge, continues to expand its reach. Through this “collaborative rescue” program, volunteers from other animal rescue organizations are integrated into the Everbridge-WIRES platform, allowing WIRES to instantly push notifications to trained volunteers, regardless of be the organization they came from, and get help for more animals even faster.

“Donating our services to WIRES was an easy decision for us,” said Steve Foster, Vice President of Everbridge – Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. “It is essential that the growing number of WIRES volunteers receive and share the incident information they need to save these animals, many of which are already on Australia’s endangered species list. It’s a no-brainer to help organizations like WIRES supplement their skills the same way we help IT professionals in a business environment.

As well as supporting WIRES animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts, Everbridge powers the emergency alert system for the entire Australian country, providing a population-wide alert to inform and protect the 34 million inhabitants and annual visitors to the continent. Globally, more local, state and national governments deploy Everbridge Public Safety solutions than any other vendor, providing the ability to reach more than two billion residents and visitors in more than 200 countries and territories.

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