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‘Extremely Full’ Pasadena Animal Shelter Is Calling for People to Adopt or Adopt Pets

The City of Pasadena Animal Shelter is at capacity and is looking for people to adopt or foster pets or to volunteer.

“Our shelter is extremely full right now,” said Ginger Bishop, the town’s adoption event coordinator.

On October 11, the shelter, 5150 Burke Road, housed 138 dogs and 60 cats.

Bishop said fostering is a way for people to help without committing to ownership.

“Foster placement is a great way to help us, even if it’s only for a week. You can tell us if they are house trained, how they are in a house,” Bishop said. “You don’t see that at the shelter; so sponsorship saves a lot of lives.

“If you adopt a dog, you are actually making room for another dog. So you really save two lives in that moment,” she said. “We also have a program called ‘Doggie Day Program’ where you take a dog out for a day or a weekend and take them to Starbucks for a puppy cup or whatever.”

An animal adoption event on Oct. 1 at Crenshaw Park in Pasadena highlighted some animals available at the shelter.

The three-hour event featured the Pasadena Paw Mart, an air-conditioned trailer with running water that can house 12 to 16 animals on two floors with windows for people to see potential new family members.

In the middle of the event, there were empty kennels where pink noses were pressed against the window.

But at nearly 10 years old, the Paw Mart is showing its age, and the shelter hopes to replace it.

“We’re really hoping to get a new one,” Bishop said.

The shelter’s adoption fee is $70 for small dogs and puppies, $25 for medium or large dogs. The fee for kittens and cats is $25. Bring a leash or cat carrier with you when you come to see the animals.

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For more information about adopting or promoting an animal, visit or call 281-920-7943.

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