Animal funds

Fauci’s animal testing

Daniel Kliethermes

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Dear Editor:

I was watching FOX News and they said some interesting things about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Its annual federal budget for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has been reported to be $6.2 billion. From this money, he has financed with taxpayers’ money the Wahu laboratory in China for years. This seems quite strange since this is where the virus is supposed to come from. I think he knows more than he is letting on and may be partly responsible for the virus.

Also, it really drives me crazy it was reported on FOX News that Fauci funded a dog breeding kennel in Cumberland, Virginia and used small beagles as guinea pigs for experimentation and testing. Some dogs are kept in kennels with eight to 10 dogs built from what I see is built for four or less. I also observed that they sprayed the kennels while the dogs were there and with such force that they pushed them into the back of the kennels. They are dirty, hungry and have to sleep in their own feces and urine in a crowded cage which is the lowest form of abuse I have ever seen. As I said at the beginning of this letter, he is using these young beagles for experiments and what follows really drives me crazy as I hope it does for you. Most of the time, they don’t sedate these dogs when they do this – they remove parts of their organs while they’re still awake, causing excoriating pain beyond belief. Additionally, they extract fluids from their brain with a needle while they are awake. This must be investigated and stopped immediately and Fauci and his employees must be charged with cruelty. This was reported by the PETA organization along with footage of what happens, so it’s not made up. He is the lowest human form I have ever seen. He also uses monkeys as lab rats to study transgender and other things. These monkeys were injected with serum. After so much, they start biting their arms and pulling their hair out. They also catch chloral and tuberculosis. This, from an anonymous attribution/sourcing that works in the laboratory.