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Foot-and-mouth disease management does not compromise slaughter animal stocks in Kulon Progo

Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta (ANTARA) – The government of Kulon Progo district, Yogyakarta, has ensured that efforts to control the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak do not interfere with the preparation of sacrificial animal stocks In the region.

Acting Chief of Kulon Progo District, Tri Saktiyana, noted in a statement on Tuesday that the Kulon Progo Agriculture and Food Bureau has taken measures to counter the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the area to to keep the situation under control.

Nevertheless, there was still a need to disseminate information widely to the public regarding the management of the epidemic in order to avoid further transmission and panic.

“We still need more education about foot and mouth disease, so that information about foot and mouth disease is (spread out) more proportionally, because there are people who are very, very paranoid and panicked, but there There are also those who think this is normal. It is also necessary to explain that foot-and-mouth disease will not be transmitted to other people, but rather that it is human interactions that can transmit the disease between people. cows,” Saktiyana noted.

The Kulon Progo administration has made stricter preparations regarding animal distribution control to prevent FMD susceptible animals from entering from outside the region to ensure a safe slaughter process during the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, he said.

Additionally, the Agriculture and Food Office will assist during the slaughtering process which is also supported by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Gadjah Mada University to monitor and assist the slaughtering process in places animal slaughter.

“To control foot-and-mouth disease, the (distribution) of animals between regions will be monitored (more strictly). Animals entering Kulon Progo must be recommended (through an) animal health certificate (issued by) the agency related to the origin of the animal Surveillance before Eid slaughter will also be (carried out), as well as assistance received from the Office of Agriculture and Food at the points of animal slaughter,” he noted.

He also said that people could give takbir (praise), but it was restricted to the village area. He also called on the community to ensure an orderly, safe and secure environment during the upcoming Eid al-Adha celebration.

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Kulon Progo Agriculture and Food Department Chief Aris Nugroho informed that the FMD case in Kulon Progo district is still under control. As of June 13, there were 307 cases of foot-and-mouth disease, the majority of which came from a ranch, and the recovery rate had reached 40%.

“The latest data (showed) 307 sick animals, with a recovery rate of 40%. This shows that foot-and-mouth disease can be cured. In general, the 307 cases spread only in centralized cages, he said.

Nugroho also noted that the disease did not affect the stock of sacrificial animals in Kulon Progo, and that some of the sacrificial animals from outside Kulon Progo that had been distributed in the area had been thoroughly examined.

“So far the stock of cattle for sacrifice is still (good),” he noted.

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