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Giselle D’Aespa Donates 10 Million Won To Animal Shelter, Fans Say ‘She’s An Angel’

aespa is full of animal lovers and Giselle has gone further by using her status to help an NGO. On June 3, it was reported that the K-pop idol ended up making an anonymous donation to an abandoned animal shelter. The animal shelter Yuhengsa Instagram account posted a post thanking Giselle after realizing she had been the anonymous donor who generously helped them.

The NGO thanked Giselle and wrote, “A few days ago, 10,000,000 KRW were deposited into Yuhengsa’s account anonymously. It turns out that the godmother was Giselle from Aespa 🙌🏻Giselle, who has always been very interested in the issue of abandoned animals, said that she continues to watch Yuhengsa’s Instagram with interest, and she made a gesture if generous in sending such a large amount of donation! Giselle 💛 Thank you very much for accompanying us on the path of finding the happiness of abandoned animals 🙏🏻 We will always watch and support you in the future 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We sincerely ask for your kind support for our actions that make the happiness of abandoned animals!”

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Giselle donates to an animal shelter

Aespa fans were touched when the animal sanctuary revealed that Giselle was the one to donate 10 million won ($7,900) and often showed interest in helping abandoned animals. The Instagram post was full of supportive comments as other animal lovers praised Giselle for her thoughtful action. However, there were Knetz and non-fans who sent hate since the anonymous donation was revealed and claimed it was a strategy to make aespa look good.

Some Knetz posted sarcastic messages such as “Remember she made an >anonymous

‘Best girl’

But fans don’t have it and slam haters, “Anonymous or not, it was a good death. The hate for Aespa/Giselle is ridiculous at this point. If it was another popular female idol 4th gen, 100% comments wouldn’t look like this. Another posted: “A few days ago, Giselle made an anonymous donation to a yuhengsa (a non-profit organization to help abandoned animals) with a total of 10,000,000 won. He is an angel fr.

One said, “10,000,000 won is 423,546.47 Philippine pesos is a lot of money, but Giselle didn’t hesitate to donate so much money. GISELLE, YOU ARE THE BEST. Another commented: “If you received such a large amount of donation, you will literally dig to find out who is who. Try to think before you tweet something, they tweeted it to show their gratitude. One joked: “Hello Giselle can you donate to me, I’m a homo sapien species under the kingdom animalia/j STILL THE BEST GIRL.” Another shared: “I love everyone who donates to animal shelters, they deserve better lives and love.”

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