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Help Pet Shelters Announces Debra Joseph Diamond Grant Program to Benefit Animal Shelters

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, announced the Debra Joseph Diamond Grant program to support the work of local animal shelters in the United States. Starting with an initial $100,000the program will provide multi-year support to help animals in shelters.

Debra Joseph Diamond, Ph.D. was a Wall Street fund manager, author, psychic, and animal lover. After a high-profile career on Wall Street, Debra transitioned into a life of purpose and spirituality after discovering she was a natural medium and a medical intuitive. She is the author of several books focusing on spirituality and has been featured in The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other major publications. She was also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University. Debra provided remarkable insights to her clients seeking guidance on healing and personal growth.

Throughout her life, Debra has always had a passion for animals and she wanted significant funds to be allocated to further the mission of improving the lives and welfare of animals.

The program is made possible through the support of the Charitable Fundraising Council, a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes giving to effective charities.

“Local pet shelters are underfunded and rarely receive money from wealthy national animal groups,” noted Hailey Brown, Director of Outreach for Help Pet Shelters. “The work of local shelters has a direct impact on the lives and well-being of desperate animals and deserves far greater support and awareness.”

To date, Help Pet Shelters has sold $100,000 to help local shelters across the country. Help Pet Shelters is known for its “95% Promise”: 95% of the funds it raises go directly to local pet shelters, and only 5% goes to administering the program.

Program candidates can apply for Requests for additional or other information may be addressed to [email protected].