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Jeff’s Blankets Benefit Animal Rescues Nationwide | New

MOUNT HOREB (WKOW) — One tie at a time, a Mount Horeb man is making a difference in animal rescues.

“I will continue to donate as long as people buy my covers,” said Jeff Hopwood.

Hopwood manufactures tie-on blankets in countless colors and patterns. You can even make special requests. He calls the beautiful creations: Blankets by Jeff. Proceeds benefit animal rescues nationwide.

“I’ve sent to at least 15 different states,” Hopwood said. “They go everywhere.”

The blankets are available in three sizes: cat, medium dog and large dog. Hopwood markets them on his Facebook page, which has racked up nearly two thousand dollars.

“A lot of them are repeat customers. They love my blankets, and their pets do too,” Hopwood said.

Hopwood markets its blankets at local events. It was there that Becky Brown, founder of Brown Paws Rescue, first met him.

“He’s a pretty amazing guy,” Brown said.

After they met, Brown said Hopwood sent her organization a card with a $100 donation. She thanked him and invited him to come to their next fundraiser. Since then he has visited several – most recently Parks and Brews.

“We’re not federally funded, we’re not state funded, so everything we do, we do through fundraisers and people like Jeff coming out to support us,” he said. Brown said.

Beth Viney, founder of Czar’s Promise, met Hopwood the same way.

“I saw her covers and fell in love with them,” Viney said.

Viney said Hopwood also came to many of their fundraisers. He is set to make an appearance at their 2022 Inspiring Hope Walk this Sunday at Winnequah Park.

“His heart is in every effort and every cover,” Viney said.

Wisconsin Underdog Pet Rescue director Lauren Brinkman said she was touched that her organization was another recipient of Hopwood’s donations.

“The little acts that people do like that really add up to make this work worthwhile,” Brinkman said.

Brinkman hopes his efforts will inspire others.

“I think when someone like Jeff goes out of their way to spend their time and do great things for animals, it inspires others to do it too,” Brinkman said.

In addition to helping others, Hopwood says her dynamic designs also help her.

“It reminds me of the good in people,” Hopwood said.

If you’re interested in buying a blanket from Jeff, or donating fabric or money to buy fabric, join his Blankets by Jeff Facebook page.