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Laois Nationalist – Laois animal rescue group takes aim at irresponsible cat owners

By Joe Barrett

The Laois Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LSPCA) volunteer group has rounded up cat owners who won’t care for their cats.

In its statement, the LSPCA said: “Our phones are jumping right now with calls about stray cats.”

He pointed to people phoning them to tell them about “the cats you have been feeding for three years. Cats you got from neighbors to kill mice, but alarmingly had three litters in a year and now you’re infested with cats and the resulting ones don’t belong to you.

“Stray cats you have names for. Stray cats sleeping on your sofa. Stray cats that you will take back if we castrate them.

The LSPCA said: “Incredibly, we’ve heard stories before, we don’t fall for the trap. We can’t afford to zoom in, haul your out-of-control pet to the vet, and foot the bill.

The statement added: “People are shocked if we are suspicious or curt with them. We are tired of people not taking responsibility for the animals they take. Let things get worse and all of a sudden it has nothing to do with them.

“We organized six weeks of neutering in January and February, but some people didn’t even want to spend €20 on their pet, but now it’s our problem, their cat has had kittens.

“Get together and have your pets neutered. We won’t do it for you.