Animal programs

Leitrim Animal Welfare to build a new center worth €1m

Leitrim Animal Welfare is embarking on an ambitious plan to build a new center and expand its services.

The group hopes to build a center worth 1 million euros which will house 32 kennels, three exercise areas and even a veterinary practice and offices.

Leitrim Animal Caretaker Megan Gaffney said the new center will increase her ability to help more animals in need and contribute to overall animal welfare.

Leitrim Animal Warden Megan Gaffney presenting the charity’s work to Leitrim at the RDS in Dublin last week.

Plans call for building up to 32 kennels to accommodate “the overwhelming influx of dogs with three exercise areas for animal stimulation and socialization, two of which are sheltered from the rain”.

One of their main goals is to build a veterinary center within this building.

Megan said: ‘We think this is vitally important as we rely heavily on our local vets on a daily basis. We believe that having our own veterinary practice within our center will help relieve stress on the already overstretched veterinary system and create more space for the public and their pets. Due to the overwhelming speed of all veterinary practices across the country, it is proving difficult for vets and members of the public to get immediate appointments.

“In this build, we plan to build new offices, a grooming parlor and a get-together area where new adopters can meet their potential animal companions in a calming environment.

“We also plan to have a separate area where animals nursing their young can have their own area with minimal risk of infection and stress.”

The charity plans to expand its animal welfare efforts by organizing wildlife rehabilitation and stables for horses.

One of the roles of animal sitters in their job description is to teach animal welfare in schools, youth projects, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc.

With this in mind, the group aims to build an education center where members of the public can enter with a hands-on learning approach.

The estimated cost of the new center is over €1 million, which they aim to accomplish through fundraising efforts.

If you would like to take part in this modernized and much needed approach to animal welfare by building this new centre, please donate via paypal which can be accessed via the Leitrim Animal Welfare Facebook page or you can contact (071) 96 48300 or you can also email: [email protected]

The group took part in the ‘Positive Strides’ program at the Dublin Horse Show in the RDS last week.

They were able to show the hard work that Leitrim Animal Welfare and Hungry Horse Outside have done over the past 10-20 years, providing safety, shelter and a new lease of life for animals, as well as helping communities thrive.

Hilary Robinson of Hungry Horse Outside and Longford Dog Pound is a hard working woman with many years of animal welfare experience behind her. Armed with this knowledge and key insights, she took steps to establish education, stables and horse land for marginalized communities.

Through Hilary’s efforts, Leitrim Sports Partnership and Longford Sports Partnership have developed a program that harmonizes the relationship between man and horse within disadvantaged communities.

Courses available through both partnerships include learning to ride, groom, behave, etc., which help those involved learn broader skills, such as self-confidence, job ‘crew.