Animal funds

LETTER: Animal Lover Or Not, Please Read | Opinion

Animal Ark (AA) and Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) have helped over 2,600 animals in the past two years! Imagine how many stray, abandoned, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs the county would have without neutering / neutering 1,650 and transferring 638 cats and dogs to our partner shelters… truly mind-boggling. These two nonprofit animal rescue groups provide aid to many residents of Idaho County. ARF was founded to meet the long-standing need to build an animal shelter. Grangeville has the same pound in place for over 50 years with only minor improvements. AA intervened over 35 years ago to prevent unclaimed pound dogs from being shot and continues to save them and find them homes.

Unfortunately, people with pet or nuisance issues have few places to turn. In 2020, the ARF implemented three shelter programs, helping more than 1,554 animals: the trap-sterilization / sterilization-vaccination-return clinics, the reception / adoption / transfer program (in partnership with SpokAnimal and MCPAWS) and sterilization / sterilization vouchers. AA has helped sterilize 1,064 cats / dogs and spends approximately $ 40,000 / year on medical care, supplies, and breeding. ARF and AA receive 20 to 30 calls per week. As a result, the town of Grangeville and the county receive very few calls. For most residents, there is no visible animal problem due to the longstanding heroic efforts of these organizations. The ability of ARF and AA to provide aid is based on donations, fundraisers, grants, and volunteers.

ARF is ready to level up, but discovered that we didn’t have the intended land to use for shelter. What do we need? We need land and a small building near Grangeville with electricity, water and sewerage; board members / volunteers with the time, passion and expertise to help build a shelter from scratch and ongoing support and funding to maintain a shelter. I dream of the day when we can cut a local shelter ribbon without killing to help the animals and residents of Idaho County. We are volunteer animal rescue groups trying to solve a long term systemic overpopulation issue in our backyard. We are working hard and need your help! For more details: