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Local animal rescues ask for donations as kitten season begins

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Spring means kitten season. According to the Leon County Humane Society, more and more kittens and their mothers are found on the streets this time of year.

Mari Therrien and her children welcomed Raya and her six kittens just one day after their birth in an animal shelter. Instead of being locked in a cage, these cats live the high life.

Therrien has bred several litters for the Humanitarian Society and said it has been great for the whole family.

“They learn some of the skills and responsibilities of caring for animals. Neither of them like cleaning the litter box, but they all know it’s part of the job, ”said Therrien.

Rescues are grateful for families like the Therrien’s as more cats than they can care for are stuck on the streets.

“It’s quite a problem,” said Deidre Carey, Cat program coordinator for the Leon County Humane Society. “There are just tons of stray cats. You know, most apartment complexes that you take out by their dumpster, you see stray cats.

Sara Jones with the Feline Advocates of Leon County was able to save kittens that would have died on their own.

“It is a really rewarding experience to see a kitten come into a kitten that is malnourished or sick, or maybe not having a very high survival rate, and to see it go to a foster family or feed it. yourself, ”Sara said. .

While kittens are adopted quickly after placement in foster care, cat moms are often overlooked.

“I want to see mum come home because, like, the mum I have at home right now, she likes belly massages, she likes to be cuddled, she likes to be held like a baby,” co-owner of the Tally Cat Café Katie dit Logue.

Raya and her kittens are safe in the capable hands of the Therrien who await their forever home.

If you are unable to host or adopt, both groups also accept donations.

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