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LPS students collect donations for Lawton Animal Welfare

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – Local students collect donations for Lawton Animal Welfare.

Lawton Virtual Academy and Gateway Success Center students do it to celebrate the birthday of one of their teacher’s dog.

Ralphie is a black Labrador who is about to turn nine on January 31

The students have celebrated the birthday of their teacher Misty Masons’ dog Ralphie for the past four years.

Over time, the students started bringing in treats for the dog, and last year it turned into collecting donations for animals in need.

“This year, we would like to reach the 336 point. Right now, we are currently at 257 and we have just started,” Mason said.

In just one day, the donations exceed the 168 donations they were able to make to Lawton Animal Welfare in 2021.

Mason said they would take anything people could give.

“Collars, leashes, food, blankets, kennels, and we’ll also collect adoption fees. Any monetary donations we receive, we will give to Russell the dog-man for adoption fees,” Mason said.

Field Supervisor Roy Rodrick of Lawton Animal Welfare said it was a wonderful feeling to know the community cared for them too.

“Donations contribute to our financing. We have to buy the things we have to buy and the extras are what we don’t buy as much. That’s where these fundraisers, these donations come in,” Rodrick said.

Outside of donations helping with financial needs, Rodrick said animals love to play with new things.

“We get these new toys that we give them to the animals. It helps them when they are in the kennel. It helps them keep a bit of sanity, I guess you can say,” Rodrick said.

Mason said it was a great feeling to know the donations were going to a good cause and that his students felt the same way.

“They are thrilled to be involved in the community and for many of our children the animals are the way to reach them. Knowing that they can see them here on this special day and do something for the community because a lot of “Them have never been involved in any service to our community. So they feel good about themselves and good about what they do for the community,” Mason said.

Donations from community members can be dropped off at the Douglass Learning Center anytime this week between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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