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Man Charged with Animal Cruelty After 5-Month-Old Calf Dies in Jefferson County ::

PORTER TWP., Pa. – A felony charge has been filed against a local man who allegedly neglected a calf on a Jefferson County farm, resulting in its death.

(PHOTO: Stock File: A newborn calf. This is not a photo of the calf mentioned in this article.)

Humane Society Police Officer Deborah McAndrew filed the following charges against Brian S. Lettie38, from Dayton:

  • Aggravated Animal Cruelty – Causing SBI or Death, Crime 3
  • Animal Neglect – Food/Water, Misdemeanor 3

According to a criminal complaint filed Monday in the office of Magistrate District Judge Jacquelin J. Mizerock, Officer McAndrew was called to the scene after being notified of the death of a five-month-old calf on a property in Porter Road, New York. Porter Township, Jefferson County. .

The criminal complaint notes that Officer McAndrew received permission from the landowner to access the property prior to his arrival.

Upon arriving at the “large blue 3-sided shelter”, Constable McAndrew noticed a large amount of fecal waste before discovering what appeared to be a small animal in the corner of the shelter.

Officer McAndrew identified the animal as a “deceased little Guernsey type calf”.

According to the landowner, Lettie had permission to raise the calf on his property.

The criminal complaint says Lettie called Officer McAndrew four days later after a second notice was left on her doorstep. Lettie confirmed to Officer McAndrew that the deceased calf belonged to him and said he had fallen ill.

Lettie said he had medicated the calf for suspected coccidiosis, a parasite that usually affects young animals. Lettie thought the calf had died within the past two weeks, but due to the weather was unable to bury the animal, the report said.

Officer McAndrew noted in the criminal complaint that Lettie failed to provide adequate shelter to allow the calf to retain body heat and stay dry in “very cold” weather. She also noted that Lettie was not providing enough water to the calf, causing it to be dehydrated.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 5 at 1 p.m.

2016 Animal cruelty case against Lettie in Indiana County

Lettie was charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty in 2016 after starving and neglected animals were found on an Indiana County farm. In this case, he was sentenced to perform community service and serve 12 months probation.

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