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Launch of the Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of a feature film about a young girl and Matilda, a cow that escapes from a slaughterhouse.

  1. From award-winning documentary filmmaker Marc Pierschel and producer Steffi Koehler, Antimae Film announces that their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their new film, Matilda, has launched on April 6, 2022. Matild is a poignant and timely story about a young girl on the brink of adulthood whose life is tested after an unlikely encounter with a runaway cow.
  2. Matilda forces us to honestly examine our relationship with animals, the universal power of compassion, and the values ​​that guide our lives.
  4. The media is full of stories of cows that, against all odds, escape from slaughterhouses. Many of these animals end up being sent back to the slaughterhouse, but a small percentage are saved. This fascination with escapes from factory farms, the obstacles ahead and the will to survive, all strike a chord with people, no matter how invested in animal rights. Marc Pierschel is the acclaimed director of films such as The End of Meat as well as Butenland, which won the Grand Prix at the 2020 International Vegan Film Festival. Matilda will be Pierschel’s feature debut, which means it will be about of a fictional story versus a documentary, similar to the much-loved film Okja. Real-life Matildas do exist, and their stories are becoming more mainstream.
  5. Commenting on the importance of the fundraiser, Pierschel says: “This first Kickstarter campaign, which has a target of €50,000, will allow us to fund pre-production costs as well as raise awareness of the issues addressed in the film. As a benefit for those who travel with us, we wanted to ensure that we provided backers with meaningful rewards such as a visit to the set, limited-edition artwork, an unscheduled encounter with Matildathe Cow, and even a role in the film.
  6. Interested donors can contribute to the film and get more information.
  7. The campaign will kick off April 6 and run through May 6 and will provide an opportunity for a community of like-minded animal lovers and those interested in social justice to come together to bring this film to life. powerful and moving on the screen. Referring to how the film will be environmentally friendly, producer Steffi Koehler, “We want to implement the sustainable and ethical standards of film production that we practice ourselves in our production company.”
  8. Steffi continues, “We intend to make the film entirely green and will only work with rescued animals and professional, animal-friendly set care.”
  10. Steffi Koehler and Marc Pierschel, both filmmakers and activists, first worked together in 2017 on the award-winning feature documentary, Butenland. They realized that they shared the same goal: to make films that move, shake and inspire. Through their production company Antimae Film, they aim to create authentic stories that inspire, move and empower.
  11. #MatildaTheFilm