Animal funds

Morris Animal Foundation is sponsoring 13 animal health events over the next year

Further promote the foundation’s mission to advance animal care by connecting science and resources

The Morris Animal Foundation will fund 13 scientific symposia and conferences throughout the next year to accelerate animal health and welfare.

According to a statement from the organization,1 a host of topics will be discussed at events such as species-specific scientific symposia and conferences, community-focused events, and more. This further supports the foundation’s mission to connect science and resources to advance animal health for cats, dogs, horses and wildlife.

“Much of our mission would not be possible without the collaboration of scientists, students and the wider community,” said Janet Patterson-Kane, BVSc, PhD, FRCVS, scientific director of the Morris Animal Foundation, in the press release. “These events give us the unique opportunity to engage with diverse groups by supporting important collaborative science initiatives around the world that are in need of financial resources.

Sponsorships include1:

  • Wildlife Disease Association
    70th Annual International Conference of the Wildlife Disease Association
    Provides mentorship by established professionals to promote career paths for students and new graduates in the animal health industries.
  • Baker Institute for Animal Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
    Havemeyer Genome Workshop
    Sharing scientific discoveries between equine researchers, supporting collaboration between international equestrian scientists and setting goals for the equine genome research community.
  • Exotic, Aquatic and Wild Animals Club, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia
    3rd International Conference on Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine for Students (ICAVETS) and Disease Investigation Workshop
    Offers international veterinary students the opportunity to learn about emerging animal health sciences.
  • University of Tennessee
    First Global Conference on Amphibian and Reptile Diseases (GARD)
    Will bring together scientists from around the world to discuss different diseases of amphibians and reptiles.
  • Human-Animal Bonding Research Institute
    Human Animal Bond Innovation Award
    Created to address and celebrate businesses and organizations that incorporate innovative products, practices and initiatives that strengthen the human-animal bond.
  • Colorado Animal Welfare Association
    Colorado Animal Welfare Conference
    Brings together professionals who support the humane treatment of animals; share best practices, challenges and successes in an atmosphere of learning and teamwork.
  • Natural movement of animals
    Atualizacao do Diagnostico e Biomecanica da Coluna do Cavalo Atlela – Updating of the diagnosis of the back and biomechanics of the athletic horse
    Brings together horse health specialists to talk about common back problems in horses.
  • Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians
    Clinical Animal Behavior Conference
    Animal health professionals can gain insight into animal behavior as part of their practice.
  • CEMS program
    wildcat day
    A day when individuals come together to celebrate and help make a difference for cats.
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida
    A fun day for golden retriever owners to come together to celebrate these special furry friends.
  • St. George’s University
    7th International Conference on Veterinary Simulation in Education (InVeST)
    Interactive sessions where animal health professionals learn about the latest trends and practices in veterinary simulation, and meet, interact and collaborate with their peers.
  • European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
    EAZA Course on Reproductive Management
    Animal health experts in Europe have the opportunity to learn some of the latest reproductive management techniques.
  • Colorado State University
    Wildlife Disease Genomics Workshop
    Will provide hands-on training to researchers looking to integrate genomic data into their wildlife disease-related projects.


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